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120 technological innovations during “GITEX Global 2021”


Etisalat Group has revealed that the total number of innovations and smart solutions offered by GITEX Global 2021 through its sites has reached 120 innovations in various fields.

He unveiled the first electric flying car on his platform during a press conference at the Dubai World Trade Center yesterday, closing the “GITEX Global 2021” exhibition. A full electric take-off and landing, with a top speed of 160 km / h, with the support of a fifth generation network, an innovative self-driving car and drones backed by a fifth generation for six consecutive hours.

Solutions and innovations

Dr. Ahmed bin Ali, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Etisalat Group, showed the team 120 smart solutions, services and technological innovations, some of which appear for the first time in the world, supported by the fifth generation network of Etisalat, Kitex Global in its booth. In order to do so, they are enhancing their efforts in the field of digital transformation using these technologies.

The “Etisalat” pavilion includes categories including: Movement, Health, Business, Smart Retail, Smart Education, Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Services for Municipalities, thus creating a window for the future of all these sectors. .

He explained that the future of the “Etisalat” transport industry depends largely on the fifth generation network, pointing to the concept of connected and self-driving electric vehicles, due to its enormous network capabilities and high communication speeds. Can only complete with high network capabilities, connection speed is excellent and instantaneous, which is provided by the fifth generation network with minimal response time.

Bin Ali said the Etisalat Pavilion’s motion segment includes the display of the first electric flying car with full electric take-off and landing features, at a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour with the support of the fifth generation network. Etisalat, and self-propelled Mercedes Benz cars. Innovative driving with artificial intelligence technology and adaptive programming will allow the driver to choose from a variety of activities and entertainment options in addition to a self. -Bus with intelligent and secure system to go to city and universities, includes standardized modes of transport, can utilize the low responsiveness of the fifth generation network and the ability to send and receive data quickly. Evenly.

Bin Ali noted that Etisalat had demonstrated a self-propelled aircraft powered by a fifth-generation network and artificial intelligence, “zero” by obtaining data with a very high frequency bandwidth.

The team also demonstrated the “WingCopter” drone, which was the first aircraft to allow three parcels to be delivered to multiple locations independently during an aircraft, pointing out that the aircraft was equipped with artificial intelligence technology to identify objects and shapes. , Which allows it to have more precise landing capabilities.

Smart solutions

Bin Ali noted that Etisalat has showcased smart retail solutions such as smart shopping carts, self-driving vending machines with artificial intelligence technology, delivery robots and smart payment solutions in stores and food and beverage stores.

In addition to biometric solutions from smart shopping cards “Copper” and “Fujitsu” powered by artificial intelligence technology, he described the “Augmented Reality” shopping experience of the innovative “Mojics” service, equipped with a dashboard that simulates all transactions. This allows for authentication without contact at all. In addition to the smart service “Bizerba”, and the advanced robot “Kiwi Pot” delivery service, which depends on the largest infrastructure for delivering robots in the world. Pavilion also introduced a self-made vending machine called “Wiki” powered by artificial intelligence; The wearable “PiggySmart” records all the movements of the user.

Future Hospital

The Etisalat platform at GITEX Global 2021 will include BEC’s future hospital, which will include a robot arm and a robot X-ray machine. It also includes the Doosan robot, which, with the support of surgeons, can perform important operations and work precisely at a distance.

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Using “Virtual Reality” technologies, teams have provided commitment to people with services and technologies to move, move and communicate in an optimal way with smart prosthetics, smart sticks or emotion gloves.

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