March 21, 2023

Dubai Week

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15 billion weekly share gains, amid optimism about the results

Local stocks consolidated their gains in last week’s trading, which was limited to 4 sessions; The Prophet’s birthday holiday and its market capitalization received nearly 15 billion dirhams, supported by a level of confidence that dominated the sentiment of investors; Thanks to the strength of the national economy and the expected recovery after the aftermath of “Govt 19”, the marathon start of the quarterly results and the announcement of the results of banks and companies that exceeded expectations.

Last week, the Dubai market rose 2.4%, the biggest weekly gain since the beginning of April, ending with a rise of 2857.32 points on shares of banks, real estate, transport, investment and services. The Abu Dhabi market rose 0.83% to 7876.68 points, supported by gains in banking, telecommunications, industry, goods and services stocks.

The shares attracted cash in 4 sessions, with 8.3 billion dirhams, 6.18 billion dirhams distributed in the Abu Dhabi market and 2.15 billion dirhams in the Dubai market, of which 1.4 billion worth of “Aramax” deal, and 1.49 billion shares traded at 1.04 billion shares in Abu Dhabi, with a total of 1.04 billion shares. Including, by executing 42.6 thousand transactions.

Dubai Market

The rise in the Dubai market was supported by an increase of 1.38% in the banking sector, வளர்ச்ச Emirates NBD »with 0.73% and« Dubai Islam »with a growth of 2.4%. Malls are down 3.6%, Tea 2.7%, Damac 0.8% and Union properties 2.8%.

“Dubai Investments” increased by 4.2%, “Dubai Financial Market” by 5.8% and “Shuaa Capital” by 0.6%, the investment sector by 4.42%, and the transport sector by 10% after “Aramax” by 18.97%. Air Arabia’s “Gulf Navigation” was confirmed at 0.7% and rejected.

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Excluding the deal, “Aramax” topped the list, attracting approximately 172.78 million dirhams, followed by “Dubai Islam” at 124.8 million dirhams, followed by “Emirates NBD” at 117.9 million dirhams, and “Aramax” by 18.97%. . 14%, followed by “Tabreet” 10.67%, “Al-Chakr Insurance” 18.9%, followed by “Al-Firtus Holding” 18.7%, then “National International Holding” 8.12%.

Foreign investors tend to buy Dubai with a net investment of 1.13 billion dirhams, while Arab and Gulf investors and citizens with a net investment of 1.13 billion dirhams are 31.7 million dirhams for Arabs, 533.3 million dirhams for Gulf nationals and 567.86 million dirhams for citizens.

Abu Dhabi Market

The rise in the Abu Dhabi market was supported by a 0.71% increase in the banking sector, followed by “First Abu Dhabi” 0.56%, “Abu Dhabi Business” 1.85%, “Abu Dhabi Islamic” 0.8% and “Sharjah Islam” 1.1%, and “Etisalat” 2.49% followed by the telecommunications sector 2.4%. “Yahsat” fell 0.75%.

In contrast, the investment sector was down 0.5%, International Holdings was up 0.48%, Alpha Abu Dhabi was up 0.79% and Ezrak was up 2.49%, Waha Capital was up 4.07%, and the energy sector was down 0.09% after ADNOC distribution. Decreased, while “TAQA” increased 1.63%, and “Dana Gas” and “ADNOC drilling” were confirmed.

“Abu Dhabi” first dominated the process, attracting 1.43 billion dirhams, followed by “International Holding” 1.15 billion dirhams, then “Aldar Properties”, one billion dirhams. “Ras Al Khaimah White Cement” increased by 48.65%, followed by “Ras Al Khaimah Cement” by 36.06%, followed by Al Qudra Holding by 22.91%, Abu Dhabi National Takaful by 18.94% and 12.27% by ASG. “9.37%.

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Arab and foreign investors tend to buy 229.7 million dirhams in Abu Dhabi with a net investment of 15.78 million dirhams for Arabs and 213.9 million dirhams for foreigners. Dirham for citizens.

Institutional investment

While the performance of the companies tended to buy in Dubai, the net investment of 164.2 million dirhams, and the profit in Abu Dhabi, the net investment of 59.24 million dirhams, individual investors sought to buy in Abu Dhabi. Net investment was 59.24 million dirhams, and monetization in Dubai, net investment was 164.2 million dirhams.