March 30, 2023

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18 high-risk viruses in Chinese markets … could cause new epidemics

A recent scientific study has warned that China could be the source of a new epidemic as 18 “high-risk” viruses are found in virus-infected markets. It sells wildlife, fresh meat, fish and poultry.

According to a theory about the origin of the corona, this virus appeared A “wet market” in Wuhan In China.

The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that there were 71 “mammalian viruses” including 18 “high-risk” viruses for humans and other animals in a new study of 12 species of wildlife sold in wet markets in China.

One of China’s direct animal markets

According to the researchers, the microbes found in civets are very worrying, they are small, nocturnal animals like cats. These animals are among the species that transmitted the SARS virus from bats to humans in 2002 in China.

Edward Holmes, an associate professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Sydney in Australia, said: “This study highlights the potential. Causing wildlife trade and direct animal markets In a new epidemic.

He added: “The transmission of other types of viruses from civets to humans could easily lead to a new global health catastrophe.

Civet animal

Civet animal

Researchers have warned that the next plague could be the plague, which is estimated to have killed 75 million people in the last century.

It is noteworthy that the first case of corona virus infection released in December 2019 was officially registered in China. Some suspect the virus may have spread from animals to humans at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, while others suggest the hypothesis of its leak. A laboratory in China.

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Beijing rejects the hypothesis that the virus leaked from a virology lab, accusing the United States of spreading “conspiracy” theories and politicizing the epidemic.