March 28, 2023

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الليلة.. مواجهات قوية للمنتخبات العربية في تصفيات آسيا

Tonight .. Heavy clashes for Arab teams in the Asian qualifying round

Today, Tuesday, the Arab Asian teams are waiting for 5 matches in the sixth round of the qualifying round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Within the first group matches, the United Arab Emirates team will be the guest of Lebanon, while the Iraqi team will play against South Korea, and the Iranian team leader will be the heavy guest against its Syrian opponent at the King Abdullah II Stadium in Jordan. .

Lebanon – United Arab Emirates (Moscow and Mecca Al-Muqarama time 3:00 pm).

Iraq – South Korea (6pm Moscow and Mecca time).

Syria – Iran (7pm Moscow and Mecca time).

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Lebanon are third with 5 points, followed by the United Arab Emirates with 5 points.

In the first group rankings, Iraq is fourth with 4 points and South Korea is second with 11 points.

In Group A, Iran are top with 13 points and Syria are bottom of the table with 2 points from 5 matches.

According to the second group, the Saudi team will be more of a guest against Vietnam, while the Omani team will host its Japanese opponent, while China will host its Australian opponent in the same group.

Vietnam – Saudi Arabia (Moscow and Mecca Al-Muqarramah time 3:00 pm).

China – Australia (Moscow and Mecca time 6pm).

Amman – Japan (7pm Moscow and Mecca time).

The Vietnamese team is at the bottom of the table without a draw, while the Saudi team, which tops the group with 13 points after winning 4 matches, is trying to continue its good results.

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Oman is fourth with 7 points, just two points behind third-placed Japan with 9 points.

In Group B, Australia is second with 10 points and China is fifth with 4 points.

Source: “Agency”