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20 dead after bus plunges off bridge near Venice



20 dead after bus plunges off bridge near Venice

Putin is intensifying his efforts to take advantage of Western “contradictions” over continued support for Ukraine

Recent positions and events in the United States, Poland, and Slovakia, as well as statements by the Mexican president critical of the United States regarding Ukraine, have created a pessimistic atmosphere as to whether Western allies will commit to supporting Kiev in its war. Against Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has intensified his efforts to capitalize on Western “contradictions” over continued support for Ukraine, as these developments have coincided with reports of the Russian president’s efforts to undermine Western unity and his plans to intensify propaganda and intelligence work. In addition to his attempt to open new avenues to influence Western public opinion in general and American opinion in particular, to undermine confidence in the possibility of continued support for Ukraine.

Although the “Western Front” is “cohesive” for Ukraine, it has shown more “cracks” than ever, while Kiev is trying to support its counteroffensive, dispel doubts about its capabilities, and root out corruption. The most important issues that threaten the trust in it.

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell is in Kyiv on Monday (EPA) with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Hardening approaches

Nearly 19 months after the war began, Republican lawmakers in Washington blocked an attempt to release a large amount of US aid to Ukraine, nine days after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington to ask for continued support. The situation indicates that the hardening of positions between the Republican wings is not a dispute or bid in the political game in Washington, contrary to what US President Joe Biden indicated when he called on Republicans on Sunday. He described their “games” in this matter.

While Republicans in Congress voted “no,” voters in Slovakia elected pro-Russian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who has promised not to send “a single bullet” of munitions to Ukraine and declared a willingness to cooperate with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. To resist further European support for Kiev.

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Poland, once a reliable ally of Kiev, also made a shock announcement on September 20 that it would not send weapons. Mexican President Andres Obrador criticized US military aid to Ukraine, describing it as “irrational” and intensified his criticism of the war effort, urging Washington to devote more resources to helping Latin American countries instead.

European concern

Europe worries about what to expect from Washington. While most EU countries have agreed to support Ukraine, aid to Kiev is linked to a wider review of the EU’s long-term budget, on which no agreement has been reached. As all 27 EU countries must support the deal, it may be difficult to get it done before the end of the year, when current EU support for Ukraine ends.

However, these warning signs did not appear to have led to a profound change in policy in Washington or Brussels, with US President Joe Biden pledging to stand by Ukraine, despite the recent freezing of a new aid package. Most European leaders are strongly supporting Ukraine, with around 50 billion euros planned to be signed for the country in the coming months, and the EU said to be preparing to provide 25 billion euros in military aid. Diplomats on Monday.

Photo released by Sputnik of Putin during a meeting with veterans of Russia’s war on Ukraine (AFP)

Putin and Conspiracy Theories

Meanwhile, US officials say Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to end US and European support for Ukraine, using his spy agencies to fuel propaganda and raise conspiracy theories in favor of pro-Russian political parties. Relying on some new technology, a US document has been revealed. Officially, US administration officials are very concerned about the corruption that is spreading in Ukraine.

According to the Politico newspaper, which obtained the text of the document, the document outlined a long-term plan that would include steps Washington would take to eliminate Kiev violations, reform a group in the country, and restore trust. It is. U.S. officials confirmed to the New York Times that Russia is frustrated that the U.S. and Europe are largely united in their continued military and economic support for Ukraine.

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This military aid has helped Ukraine continue its fight against Russia, putting Russia’s original goals of controlling Kiev and Odessa beyond its borders, and halting its more modest goal of controlling the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

A US soldier calculates military aid before sending it to Ukraine (Archives – AP)

Support for Ukraine is weakening

But Putin hopes to influence U.S. policy to weaken support for Ukraine and restore his advantage on the battlefield, officials said. The Russian president appears to be closely following U.S. political discussions about continuing aid to Ukraine, officials said. According to officials, Moscow will try to use conspiracy theories and disinformation to support pro-Russian candidates in Europe, with the aim of cutting off international military aid to Kiev, as happened in Slovakia.

In addition to national elections, Russia may seek to influence next year’s European Parliament vote, officials said. A New York Times report said Russia has long used its intelligence services to influence democratic policies around the world. US intelligence agencies believe that Putin will be more interested in influencing the results of the 2024 US presidential election, Biden has repeatedly declared his support for Kiev, while Trump, on the other hand, has said that supporting Ukraine is not the main concern of the US.

Flags of Ukraine and the European Union in Kiev on Monday (Reuters)

Discredit NATO

According to US officials, Russia continues to conduct information operations aimed at discrediting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and US policies, and is likely to intensify its efforts in the coming months. Beth Sanner, a former senior intelligence official, says artificial intelligence and other new technologies could change the way Russia conducts voter influence campaigns.

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“Russia will not abandon disinformation campaigns,” he added. But we don’t know what it will look like. “We must assume that the Russians have become wiser.”

U.S. officials have indicated that if Russia cannot achieve its goals by spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories, it may take extreme measures, including providing additional funding to pro-Russian political parties in Europe or carrying out covert operations aimed at weakening them. Support for war in Europe Ukraine, some reports indicate Russia’s intention to create more tensions and conflicts and open new fronts in Europe and the rest of the world.

A Ukrainian soldier inspects a drone loaded with explosives on the outskirts of Kremina, Ukraine (AP)


The concerns came alongside a US document on corruption in Ukraine, which urged Kiev not to postpone its efforts to fight it, warning that the bitterness “has begun to undermine the trust of the Ukrainian people and foreign leaders over time”. Borin.” The U.S.-backed plan includes many details about its goals in Ukraine, including privatizing banks, encouraging more schools to teach the English language, and urging its military to adopt NATO norms.

A U.S. official with knowledge of the matter said many behind-the-scenes negotiations are taking place, particularly over “illegal gains in Ukraine” that are of concern to U.S. officials and President Biden.

It was the clearest warning to date, urging the Ukrainian president to move forward with the reform process despite the war and battles his forces are waging against the Russian military. About a month ago, the US State Department issued a statement on the corruption issue, but it did not attract attention, especially since its tone was somewhat “moderate, mild”.

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US sources: Biden sets deadline to end Gaza war, Israel ignores Washington’s demands News



US sources: Biden sets deadline to end Gaza war, Israel ignores Washington’s demands News

US President Joe Biden has set a deadline to end Israel’s war on Gaza, US sources said, while US intelligence agencies believe Israel has ignored US calls for an ongoing occupation since October 7.

The website Politico cited three Israeli officials as saying that the US president’s administration has given Israel until the end of the year to end its war on the Islamist movement (rebellion)

An official explained that the US administration had advised Israel not to go to Gaza But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration ignored this and continued with plans to infiltrate the area.

Biden spoke by phone with Netanyahu yesterday, and the White House stressed the urgent need for the US president to “protect civilians and separate civilians from Hamas, including corridors that allow people to safely evacuate designated areas of fighting. .”

A fatal attack

On the other hand, the Huffington Post website quoted a US official as saying that US intelligence estimates that the Israeli military is continuing to operate at the same pace and showing limited concern for civilians despite repeated US calls for restraint.

The official said he doubted the current Israeli military offensive would be bloodier than Israel’s assault on the northern Gaza Strip in the first phase of its occupation of Gaza.

Citing a US State Department official that the Israeli military is waging a “campaign of ethnic cleansing” in Gaza, a US diplomat said Washington was angry at how it had “literally” tarnished Netanyahu’s reputation. America to advance its own political agenda.

In this case, the Associated Press quoted a senior US State Department official as saying that the death toll in Gaza is still high as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke by phone with Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Termer. Israel should make more efforts to allow humanitarian aid to enter it.

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Blinken, after a press conference with his British counterpart David Cameron yesterday, said there was a gap between the Israeli government’s stated intentions to protect civilians and the number of casualties in the Strip.

“For example, it’s not just about creating safe zones, it’s about communicating where non-combatants know where, when and by what means they can escape. Refugees must be provided with food, water and medicine. These safe zones,” he added.

Over two months of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have claimed more than 17,000 lives and injured some 46,000 people, in light of the widespread destruction of infrastructure and the displacement of more than two dozen Gazans in addition to the worsening humanitarian crisis. million, for areas south of the Strip.

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Bloomberg News: Commission works with Americans to manage Gaza Strip



Bloomberg News: Commission works with Americans to manage Gaza Strip

The US Bloomberg agency quoted Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayeh as saying that the Palestinian Authority is working with US officials on a plan to manage the Gaza Strip after the end of the war.

The preferred outcome of the conflict is for the Islamist movement (Hamas) currently operating in the Gaza Strip to become a junior partner in Palestinian liberation, Shtaeyeh said in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday from his headquarters in Ramallah. The organization aims to establish a new independent state that includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.

Shtayeh said that the Palestinians should not be divided and that Israel’s goal of completely eliminating Hamas is unrealistic, and that there is room for negotiation if Hamas is willing to accept the PLO’s political approach and reach an agreement.

Phil Gordon, the US vice president’s national security adviser, held discussions with Palestinian officials in Ramallah about the “revitalization” of the Palestinian Authority, the White House said last Wednesday.

He insisted that a revived Palestinian Authority would be able to govern the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

According to the White House, he emphasized the need to strengthen the Palestinian Authority’s security forces to eventually take over responsibilities in Gaza.

In a related context, the British newspaper The Times said that a British military team is operating in the West Bank to prepare the Palestinian Authority to take over the administration of the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli figures, 1,200 people were killed and about 240 detained and captured after attacks on Israeli cities on October 7, after which Israel pledged to eliminate Hamas.

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More than 17,170 Palestinians have been killed and about 46,000 injured since Israel began shelling the Gaza Strip following the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation in response to the occupation, according to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip. Against the Palestinian people and their sanctity.

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“Ceviche”… a thousand recipes in the Intangible Heritage List



“Ceviche”… a thousand recipes in the Intangible Heritage List

Yesterday, UNESCO added Peruvian ceviche – a dish made from marinated raw fish – to the Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

According to local anthropologists, the type of fish used to prepare this dish varies from one region to another.

According to celebrity chef Javier Vargas, president of the Peruvian Seafood Restaurants Association, there are at least a thousand recipes or methods of preparing ceviche in the country.

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture welcomed UNESCO’s announcement that the addition of Chevy to the organization’s list of “Intangible Heritage of Humanity” is “the first of the traditional Peruvian cuisines and recognizes all participants in the food’s value chain. Fishermen from the coast, the Andes and the Amazon, farmers and chefs.”

The Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which met in Botswana last Monday, approved the inclusion of ceviche in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

• Eating the food varies from one region to another depending on the type of fish used to prepare it.



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