June 2, 2023

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25 thousand dirhams as compensation to an Assistant Engineer who worked as a “farmer”.

A regional civil court in Ras Al-Khaimah ordered a private company to pay an assistant engineer (Arabic) 25.7 thousand dirhams in exchange for his wages, end-of-service payment and compensation for his involuntary dismissal. Travel ticket allowance to his country and appropriate litigation fees, costs and attorney fees.

Specifically, the plaintiff in the case papers stated that he was brought in from a company having the occupation of a farmer as there was no “provision for establishment” and continued to include his occupation as a farmer in the contract. Satyam worked as a technician in a private company and as an assistant engineer in the company’s engineering office at a salary of Dh2668, continued his work for four years, and quit when the company refused to pay him. He demanded that the company pay him 44,595 dirhams in labor arrears for a period of five months and send the case to trial to prove with witness testimony that he stopped working at the request of the company owner.

A representative of the company submitted a memorandum stating that the plaintiff’s salary was 2,250 dirhams, he had stopped working on his own, he had taken a loan of 3,308 dirhams, he had left the job on his own and had not complained to the competent authorities. Officers.

In the testimony of two witnesses, it is stated that the plaintiff was working as a technician in the company’s laboratory and he was getting a salary of 2,600 dirhams.

And in the operative part of the partial civil court judgment, it was stated that because the reasons for termination of the employment relationship were that the company violated its obligations and did not pay the plaintiff’s salary and accordingly the court concluded that the dismissal of the plaintiff was illegal, and if it is proved that his employment period started from June 2018 to November 2022, his employment period is four years. and estimated at five months. 8,301 dirhams and entitlement to end-of-service payment of 25 fils, the company is obliged to pay, in addition to 4,000 dirhams as compensation due to him for his dismissal, amounting to 13,430 dirhams. Salary payable within five months.

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He explained that if the strike is proved to belong to the company, the court compels it to pay the allowance for the plane ticket because the plaintiff left the job due to non-payment of his salary. his country, and the court accordingly orders the defendant to pay the plaintiff 25 thousand dirhams, 732 dirhams and 25 fils. In return for his due pay, end of service pay and compensation for his involuntary dismissal and an obligation to pay her a one-way ticket to his country, plus appropriate litigation fees, costs, attorneys’ fees and dismissal of the lawsuit in violation thereof.