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3 Emirati women are promoting artistic sustainability through hand printing


A group of 3 Emirati female artists achieved the concept of cultural sustainability by bringing together 62 talented artists from 22 different countries at the “Shaqaf” exhibition held in the Dubai Design District.

The exhibition witnessed an amazing display of artistic talents and diverse creations as artists presented unique artworks that expressed their personal experiences and ideas through hand prints.

The aim of this art fair is to highlight the artistic richness and creative expression that this traditional art technique has been able to achieve.

Cultural exchange

Al-Bayan met three artists to talk about the exhibition. Ahlam Al-Arib developed his skills by studying visual arts at Said University and says: This hobby started from my childhood with drawing, which was my first step into the world of art.

The fair was an important platform for cultural exchange and learning from each other as they presented various artworks that positively affected and influenced the art audience.

He added: Despite the development of automated papermaking techniques, the handmade paper industry is still practiced in many parts of the world due to its cultural, artistic and environmental value, and handmade paper is a unique art especially loved by art and craft lovers.

Local economy

Alia Al-Shehi, a plastic artist specializing in Islamic arts, said the exhibition was successful in promoting communication between artists and the public, and that this unique art experience was an opportunity to discover new talents and learn about different cultures.

Sharing her artwork at the exhibition, she says: I feel proud to contribute to the revival of this tradition and showcase it in my own artistic style. I strive to convey the values ​​and spirituality of Islam through my works and look forward to inspiring others with my life stories and personal experiences.

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In addition to stimulating the local economy, hand printing uses natural and organic materials such as paper and organic dyes made from plants and herbs, making hand printing in many ways more environmentally friendly than large scale industrial printing, as it is often associated with local artisans and artists who support traditional crafts.

Plastic artist and hand-printing expert Fatima Al-Mari, who participated in this year’s exhibition, was inspired by paintings from the countries she visited. She says: Hand-printing is an ancient and beautiful art that involves craftsmanship and creativity.

It is a technique that combines history and modernity as it allows artists to express themselves in innovative and unique ways. We believe that every artist has a unique voice, which is why we are excited to showcase participants’ work and showcase their talents.

And he continues: Art is about expressing and communicating with the world in a beautiful and influential language. Continuity is the key to success, so make art a part of your daily life.

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