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3 Iranian “Red Lines” for Ending Nuclear Deal


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahiyan announced yesterday that there are still 3 “red lines” to reach a nuclear deal, saying his country will respond within a day to the EU’s “ultimate” text to save the deal. It ended in 2015, and called on the US to show flexibility in resolving the remaining three issues.

Abdullahian said, “The US side has verbally agreed to two proposals for Iran, and we will send our final proposals to the EU Monday-Tuesday at 12 midnight,” adding that “if the three issues are resolved, we can reach a decision. Agreement in the coming days.”

While the minister did not specify the nature of the two verbal proposals, he clarified that “in addition to showing flexibility on the third issue, they should be turned into text,” Tehran’s response “can neither finally accept nor reject the current EU proposal.” He added: “We have told them that our red lines must be respected. We have shown them a lot of flexibility and we do not want to reach an agreement that fails to be implemented on the ground after 40 days, two or three months.” Important… But it won’t be the end of the world if Washington doesn’t show flexibility. We also have an alternative plan if talks fail.”

While Washington and Tehran have accepted the European Union’s “final text” on renewing the Iran nuclear deal, it is unlikely that either of them will announce its cancellation, as keeping it would benefit both sides, European diplomats and officials said.

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