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30 Opportunities for Private Sector to Participate in UAE Mission to Explore Asteroid Belt


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Emirates Space Agency has introduced more than 30 opportunities, representing the first batch of opportunities for startups, private companies and local research centers to participate in Emirates’ mission to explore the asteroid belt. In the main asteroid belt.
This took place on the sidelines of the second session of the “Make in the UAE” Forum, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and Trustworthy “ADNOC” in Abu Dhabi. and a responsible provider of low-emission energy. Under the slogan “Investment, Sustainability, Growth”.
Salem Buti Salem Al Qubaisi, Director General of the Emirates Space Agency, said: “The announcement opens the door for private sector participation in the UAE mission to explore the asteroid belt during the second session of the “Make in the UAE” forum. , reflects our strong commitment to strengthen industrial capabilities and develop local private sector enterprises. Based on our effort to create a sustainable environment for investors and entrepreneurs in this important sector, creating opportunities for the development of the sector in the UAE, and in the country by providing the opportunity to participate in the work of the aerospace sector.
He emphasized that Emirates Space Agency offers a strong investment environment and attractive offers. Encourage the growth of local companies, be part of the story of success and innovation in the UAE and create a better future for all.
Mohsen Al-Awadi, commander of the Emirates Mission to Explore the Asteroid Belt, said: “The forum is an excellent opportunity to meet emerging and private companies and local research centers to highlight the great economic opportunities this sector offers.” In the years to come, space and investment and its role in boosting the local economy will create new business opportunities and accelerate the growth of innovation and advanced technology companies in the country.
He added: We look forward to benefiting from the expertise of local private companies and participating in this important challenge in developing the UAE mission to explore the asteroid belt. Dept.
In the first phase, the UAE mission to explore the asteroid belt offers more than 30 opportunities to emerging and private companies and local research centers, contributing to the most advanced and ambitious Emirati science program in the fields of electrical panels, spacecraft parts manufacturing. Structural and imaging systems provide opportunities for design and development, as well as conducting vehicle thermal and mechanical analysis and developing vehicle test equipment.
The initial offer includes establishing a ground control center for deep space missions and participating in the design and construction of the main vehicle and lander systems.
The mission will contribute to promoting the development of capabilities in the UAE aerospace sector, prioritizing contracting and procurement for Emirati companies, and providing workshops and programs to companies and national personnel on assembling components and engineering aerospace sub-systems.
The work is being developed in collaboration with several academic and hardware development partners such as Khalifa University of Science and Technology, New York University Abu Dhabi, National Center for Space Science and Technology at UAE University and national institutions. Institute of Technological Innovation, Yahsad and Space 971, Marshall Inc. and Satim Space Solutions.
Notably, the UAE mission to explore the asteroid belt is a major national science project. It spanned 13 years, with 6 years to build and design the spacecraft, 7 years to explore the main asteroid belt, and a series of close maneuvers to collect data on seven major asteroids for the first time. Belt.
The spacecraft will travel a distance of 5 billion km, on a 6-flyby orbital journey to the seventh asteroid “Justitia”, involving 3 gravity-assisted maneuvers of Venus, then Earth, then Mars. Speed ​​of “MPR Explorer” spacecraft. , and support a series of close flights of asteroids Westerwald, Camira, and Rogax beginning in February 2030, continuing through 2034 and ending with a final flyby near the seventh asteroid, Justitia.

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