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39 million passengers have been in Uber cars since the launch of its services in the region


Dubai: “The Gulf”

The number of fixed trips via Uber in the UAE doubled in the first quarter of this year, as the proportion of zero-emission trips among trips requested through the company’s platform exceeded 9% during the period.

Uber announced new mobility insights based on data from the Middle East and North Africa region that show the impact of ride-sharing on tourism, economic growth and the path towards more sustainable mobility.

Uber statistics show that tourists from more than 80 different countries visited the Middle East and North Africa region by 2022, which was reflected in the profits of drivers.

According to Uber statistics, of all drivers using its platform, 85% in Egypt, 97% in Saudi Arabia, 26% in the United Arab Emirates and 27% in Qatar drive less than 30 hours per week to use the company’s platform as an extra economy. Opportunity.

Franz Hemstra, Uber’s regional general manager, said: “The Middle East and North Africa is one of the key regions contributing to the company’s business globally through the adoption of innovative technologies.

“Uber” platform users have reached 39 million riders since the launch of the company’s services in the Middle East and North Africa. For drivers, we seek to support them by creating new opportunities to increase profitability and ease access. they.

UBer has introduced more sustainable features in UAE and Jordan. It gives riders the opportunity to request a ride through the app and choose a fully electric vehicle, and has pledged to make one in four trips in the UAE zero-emission by 2030.

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Since launching in the Middle East and North Africa, Uber has invested efforts to improve users’ experience with the app, resulting in more than 136 million rides requesting a 5-star rating.

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