January 31, 2023

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4 hidden details in the new princess diana movie trailer

4 hidden details in the new princess diana movie trailer

Cairo – Iman Abdullah – The announcement of the Spencer film starring Kristen Stewart, sparked positive reactions with the release of the teaser and exclusive films of the film.

The film tells the life story of Princess Diana because it happened in 1991, when Diana decided to divorce her husband, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

As the film’s release approaches, the American “Insider” website is tracking hidden details that appeared in the ad, starring Kristen Stewart and Jack Farting.

1- Diana’s clothes

At the beginning of the ad, a woman is shown carrying a mobile Diana hanger and bags into Princess Diana’s room, and there is a special description of what each piece is worn for each occasion.

In the ad, one of the pieces of clothing appears with the “church” attachment, meaning that it should be worn in church, indicating that its simple decision restricts the right to dress freely.

2- Diana ring

In one clip, Kristen Stewart (Princess Diana) is shown raising her left hand to her head, and the iconic engagement ring flashes on her finger.

This scene focuses on detail. Although Diana and Charles split up, she wore the engagement ring until they officially separated 4 years later.

3- Family photo

The royal family regularly sends a group photo of family members every Christmas, and during a family photo taken in 1991, Prince Charles appeared on one side of the picture, while Diana on the other confirmed the clear gap between the two. .

4- General Appearance

The teaser shows Princess Diana talking to actress Sally Hawkins about her passion for the royal family and the public image and family reputation.

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The previous idea is similar to what Prince Harry Oprah said in an interview with Winfrey about his obsession with the royal family and public appearance.