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5 services provided by “Fastel” to the transport sectors through buses and “freight”.


Hala Al Qayad (Abu Dhabi)

Launched last April by the Integrated Transport Center of the Municipalities and Transport Department, the “Osol” platform offers 5 services that can be used by the bus transport and freight transport sector.
The “Ostoel” platform aims to improve compliance with traffic regulations and achieve a safer transport sector across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and facilitate the registration of transport companies, including the registration of vehicles and drivers, in a unified transport hub. A customer’s journey through the platform includes company registration, vehicle registration, driver registration and permit acquisition.

The “Ostoel” platform is an electronic system connected to tracking software and a central database that allows the ability to know the location of vehicles by connecting to electronic tracking devices, and supports the relevant authorities in organizing the movement of its vehicles. In real-time, organizing operations and monitoring the extent to which drivers comply with traffic and traffic rules. It aims to improve safety and security on the roads, and the analysis of vehicle operation data, the use of data in planning and appropriate decision-making, and the extraction of performance indicators for both fleet operators and drivers. The Integrated Transport Center stressed that one cannot apply for any service with the center until it is registered with the permit service system of “Ostoel”.
The Center has clarified that no fee has been fixed for registration under the Integrated Transport Center Permit Service System, either for freight transport permit services or passenger transport permit services through buses.
The Integrated Transport Center has given a deadline of September 15, 2022 to all bus transport operators in the emirate and buses registered and operated outside the emirate to adjust their status in accordance with the rules, requirements and requirements of the administrative regulations for the operation of passengers. Bus Transport Services in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The fleet base provides all the services related to the carriage of goods on land roads and has until next October to adjust their condition as per the norms.

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