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5 Top Priorities to Combat Climate Change in Africa


African civil society has identified five key priorities for combating climate change: adaptation, losses and damages, food and land use systems, and forest conservation and restoration.

This was announced by UNANDA Third World Executive Secretary Chekov Sir during an event held on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Conference “COP28” in Dubai.

The “Anda Third World” organization represents a group of African non-governmental organizations, and these organizations met within the framework of a common platform, which was launched during the “COP”, an alliance of the African Development Bank Group and civil society. Climate and Energy.

African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina said: “The continent must benefit from its natural wealth. African economies should not be measured by their GDP, while Africa’s wealth should be assessed by its natural capital.”

“The continent’s vast mineral resources, forests and renewable energy must play a part in the balance,” he added, pointing out that the Congo Basin is the world’s largest carbon reserve, but is not taken into account in the overall assessment. Domestic production of countries in the region.

The coalition supports calls by African leaders to transfer special drawing rights on climate finance to Africa, including the African Development Bank.

The coalition calls on the international community, governments and development partners to comprehensively implement best practices, innovations and technologies and engage farmers and local communities, especially women and youth, in an approach that integrates science and traditional knowledge without harming biodiversity. or compromising community resilience.

He called on parties to ensure that adaptation and resilience are at the heart of African economies vulnerable to climate change.

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The Bank’s Vice President, Agriculture, Human and Social Development, Beth Dunford, confirmed during a discussion with civil society that the alliance is “very important” for Africa, noting that the Bank allocates 64% of its funding to adapt to climate change. continent, and it has now opened a window for climate action aimed at providing specific resources and technical assistance to least developed countries on the continent.

For his part, Alliance President Augustine Njamanshi praised the relationship between development finance institutions, civil society and the private sector in combating climate change in Africa.

“Doubling adaptation financing will not be enough for the continent because governments have already spent a lot of money,” he said, adding that civil society and the private sector, especially banks, must work together for the continent’s benefit.

In turn, Ecotrades Fund Executive Director Pauline Nantungo Kalunda said, “Civil society and the private sector’s collaborative work has enabled 15,000 smallholder farmers to plant trees to increase carbon storage,” calling for the removal of barriers. Prevent communities from accessing climate finance.

Mithika Mwenda, President of the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, a strong network of over 1,000 African climate organizations, emphasized the catalytic role of civil society and praised the partnership with the Bank.

“Government, the private sector and civil society are forming a ‘parallel’ in the fight against climate change in this coastal country,” said Roger Barrow, Burkina Faso’s environment minister.

• The African Development Bank allocates 64% of its financing to climate change on the continent.

5 Priorities:

– adaptation.

– Losses.

– Damages.

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– Food and land use systems.

– Conservation and restoration of forests.

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