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500 doctors and specialists will participate in the sports medicine conference in Dubai


500 doctors and sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists from 30 different countries are participating in the first edition of the Emirates Sports Medicine Conference, organized by the Emirates Association for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine and hosted by Mohammed Bin Rashid University. Today and tomorrow: Medicine and Health Sciences in Medical City, Dubai. It will be held under the chairmanship of Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council.

Speakers at conference sessions and workshops: Prof. Kirsty Elliot Seale and Stacey Sims, Sarah Sigmund Sodottir (former World CrossFit Champion), Dr. Craig Tanner from Australia, Dr. John McLean and Mr. Chris Bowman from England and Prof. Moshe Dode from Israel, and Professor of Women’s Sports Kirsty Elliot Seal and Dr. Rahila Patty from the UK, Dr. Stacey Sims from New Zealand, Dr. Nasra Al Hajri from the United Arab Emirates and Lama Basri from Saudi Arabia.

Dr Abdullah Al-Rahumi, president of the Emirates Society for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine and chairman of the conference, said the conference program included 40 lectures and two workshops delivered by 43 speakers in 13 different disciplines of sports medicine. Seven sessions and two workshops will be held on the first day, the first session will be dedicated to ball medicine, the foot, and the second to the performance of top athletes, the third session will be dedicated to shoulder injuries and its development. muscles, and the fourth session deals with elbow mobility and injuries.

Six sessions on day one and day two continue to highlight the movement of other body parts used in various sports, muscles and the most successful methods of injury and diagnosis. and treatment of injuries.

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Al-Rahoomi also, in press reports, said, “The role of sports medicine is not only to treat athletes and develop athletes’ performance, but it is also an important economic resource, because sports medicine is a rapidly growing field worldwide, and it is a branch of medicine, including orthopedics, motor rehabilitation. includes the group.” , heart disease, nutrition, nerves, genetics and others ».

He continued: “The global pharmaceutical and therapeutic industries market in sports medicine was valued at USD 10.93 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 21.86 billion by 2032, making it one of the largest therapeutics industries in the world, along with its various partners, in the country. The association aims to develop.

Conference Numbers:

40 Lectures at the Emirates Sports Medicine Conference.

Two workshops will be organized during the conference.

43 speakers in lectures and workshops.

13 different areas of sports medicine.

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