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50,765 women benefited from maternal and fetal health in Kafr El-Sheikh


Dr. Sawasan Salam, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Kafr-el-Sheikh, said that at the initiative of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President George W. Bush, medical teams are supporting the health of the mother and fetus. Since the launch of the Presidential Program on November 1 last year, it has provided medical services to more than 50,000 pregnant women and conducted the necessary tests.

The Undersecretary explained that the active medical teams have provided medical services to 708 women this week, bringing the number of beneficiaries of the Kfr L-Sheikh Governorate to 50,765 pregnant women so far, with the aim of reaching a generation of children. Healthy and free from maternal diseases. For the fetus, reduce mortality from those diseases.

Follow-up and therapeutic services are provided by medical centers and health departments within the Governorate to target pregnant women from the first day of pregnancy to birth, to detect various infectious diseases transmitted from mother to fetus and all diseases affecting the health of the fetus, to prevent it from spreading, and to diagnose sugar and stress in pregnant women. Insists on providing, and ensuring that victims are diagnosed and referred for necessary evaluation and treatment at referral hospitals specified in the Governorate, depending on the type of maternal illness, implementing and improving the quality of routine services they provide within the protocol for maternity and pediatric care for the care of pregnant women, as well as clinics and clinics equipped with clinics Ingredients are available, clinically The selection of groups emphasizes the privacy of the venues, the confidentiality of the results, the good treatment for women and the good reception for those who do not wish. Presidential initiative.

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Salam confirmed the president’s initiative to support the medical examination of Egyptian and non-Egyptian pregnant women between the ages of 18 and between education and awareness and medicine to support maternal and fetal health. Selected by a medical team trained in exam work with a total of 182 medical teams in 11 groups including “Physicians, Nurses, Data Entry Staff and Pioneers Rural”.

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