March 20, 2023

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6 candidates to replace Koman in Barcelona training

According to media reports, Barcelona’s board of directors are preparing to sack coach Ronaldo Comane after Saturday’s Atletico Madrid match at the top of the eighth stage of the Spanish league tomorrow, and will continue to look for alternatives after coach Ronaldo Coma, with former Juventus coach, Andrea Gallo, as coach. River Plate, the latest names added to the list of candidates.

Barcelona legend and current coach of Qatar Al Chad, Xavi Hernandez and Belgium coach Roberto Martinez are the most important candidates for Koman’s success. At the Barcelona Youth Academy, as an emergency solution.

Pirlo, Gallardo, Xavi and Martinez have high profiles, but Capellas, a former Danish under-21 coach, has the backing of Barcelona’s sports adviser Jordi Cruyff, as the pair previously worked together under Chongqing Lifan’s supervision in the Chinese Super League. In China. Year 2018.

Barcelona management are set to appoint Capellas if LaBorte decides to replace Barமானa as interim coach until the end of the season, before appointing a big name to carry out the project in the long run.

According to Russia Today, other reports suggest that Rangnik, Rangnik’s name may also be on the list, and that he is the coach that Laborda had already overseen this summer when he considered considering Koman’s dismissal this summer.

Barcelona vice-president Eduardo Romeo announced earlier this week that money would not be a problem for the club to remove Goman, but there are many controversies over how the Dutch coach’s dismissal could be implemented without exceeding Lalica’s salary.

Appointed by Commando La Porte pioneer Joseph Maria Bardomieu in August 2020, the Catalan team is having a tough time this season both locally and continental, as “Barca” finished sixth in the Spanish league, postponing a game by 12 points, and conceded two in the first two rounds of the Champions League stage. , Bayern Munich 0-3, and Benfica with three clean goals.

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