March 21, 2023

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6 علامات تشير إلى إصابتك بـ "كورونا" بعد التطعيم

6 signs that you have “corona” after vaccination

Getting corona virus vaccines is an important step in preventing complications caused by a viral infection, but there is still a risk of a mild infection without severe symptoms, and many who have been vaccinated may have been infected with the virus without even knowing it. May not take a procedure Corona testIn this report, we learn about the main symptoms of corona infection after vaccination, according to the Times of India website.

Many new, mild symptoms of coronavirus after vaccination can be confused with colds, viral flu or allergies, so here are some signs that you may have corona after vaccination.

6 signs that you have corona after vaccination

The symptoms are similar to the common cold

Many cases after vaccination can be mild and allergic, and experiencing a prolonged cold attack can actually be a sign of corona symptoms after vaccination.

Symptoms of abdominal fever with nausea and fever

Problems were found with the delta type of corona, intestinal and digestive symptoms, and nausea, vomiting, sudden loss of appetite, as well as fever and cough may be signs that you have corona after vaccination.

Chronic headaches and muscle aches

For many people who have been vaccinated, when the flu is short-lived, the symptoms of the infection can be muscle aches and possible symptoms of headaches, body aches and muscle aches.


Nasal congestion with sinusitis and fever

This is another confusing symptom of corona after vaccination, although it is less common with delta type, but if you have nasal irritation and swelling, mild fever, congestion, runny nose or nasal congestion, it may be a sign that you have corona after vaccination. .

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Prolonged fatigue and weakness

For many people infected with the corona virus, fatigue and exhaustion can be early signs of infection, and such symptoms can persist as long-term symptoms of Govit-19.

Brain fog

Combined with other common symptoms of the virus, brain fog and lack of concentration are relatively common as symptoms of COVID-19.

Corona symptoms after vaccination
Corona symptoms after vaccination