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7 international novels topped the New York Times list this month


The New York Times published a list of recent releases of books and novels expected to be popular this August, and human novels differ in a philosophical framework, non-fiction books, and crime literature.

Author Ann Patchett’s novel titled “Tom Lake” topped the list and was considered an excellent family novel.

The power of philosophy

When Wolfram Eilenberger wrote the second-place novel “Dreamers: The Power of Philosophy in Dark Times”; Translated by Shawn Whiteside, among the four men philosophers who helped to renew their discipline in the last ten decades of the twentieth century.

Give me the bee

In third place came the novel “The Sting of the Bee” by Paul Murray, which focuses on the comic side and bugs. The novel reverses the fortunes of the Barnes family, a decline that began with the Irish financial meltdown, yes, but may have been fueled by lucky moments in the family’s past.

Happiness falls

In a philosophical context, Angie Kim’s novel ranked fourth on the New York Times list of recent publications this August. The novel “The Fall of Happiness” sheds light on a family and emotional story, which Mia’s father returns home after a walk. In the mountains, the man who carries the answers cannot speak: his younger brother, Eugene, the only family member with his father that day, has a genetic condition that prevents him from speaking. Over the course of the investigation, Mia comes to a new appreciation for the difference between language and thought.

spiral layers

Daniel Krause’s novel “Wilful,” which came in fifth place, raises many questions with escalating plots of horror and excitement.

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Mystery and Crime

And at number six, novelist James McBride returns with “The Store of Heaven and Earth,” a novel about mystery and murder, set in the Chicken Hill neighborhood, an upbeat neighborhood in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

10 stories

Author Jamal Brinkley is seventh on the list with his second collection of short stories, titled “Witness: Stories of What Does It Mean to Be a Witness?” Throughout 10 stories, Brinkley explores how our emotions affect our lives, relationships, and communities.

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