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5 Models of Strong Women in Ramadan 2023 Drama… From Nelly Karim to Hanan Mudava


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Tuesday, 04 April 2023 02:16 PM

Patient, strong, capable of taking responsibility, flexible, capable of solving the most complex problems, these are the qualities that have always made Egyptian women stand out, many of the works in the Ramadan 2023 series succeeded in expressing the different personalities that emerged. In various dramas, successful practical model, popular, simple, strong woman, woman in leadership positions and other strong female models that “The Seventh Day” reviews in this report:

Nelly Karim “Rare Coin”

One of the most important roles that includes the positive role of a woman is the star “Nelly Karim”. Series “Rare Coin”She represents the character of the Sidian woman who rejects unjust customs and traditions and seeks the right of female inheritance, and her strength in the face of the conflicts that arise with her husband’s family after her husband’s death and refuses to take her away. The heiress strives to prove her right and bravely defends her son’s right when trying to reach her husband’s killer.

Yasmin Abdel Aziz “Strike Fire”

The Egyptian drama also sheds light on the brave woman of the country, embodied by Yasmin Abdel Aziz during the events of the “Darb Noor” series, as “Mahra”, a famous warrior woman from Shubra, is fully responsible for her brother. and the sister after their father’s death works in an “Abaya” factory in one of the popular areas so that she can raise them and reject the temptations of a big businessman for her brothers and loyalty to them. She likes.

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Reham Hajjaj “Beautiful”

As for the “Jamila” series, its heroine Reham Hajjaj embodies the role of a woman with many ambitions. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and works as a “lawyer”, defending rights and confronting injustice. Time is trying to catch up and strike a balance between married life and work demands.

Robbie, Mayor Mr.

And about the woman with strong personality portrayed by the artist, Ruby V Meyer series She plays the role of “Safia”, who gives up her urban life and her job as a psychology professor at an American university and succumbs to the will of the people in Upper Egypt to clash with others. There are those who reject the notion that women should be vertical after being reserved for men only, especially important issues that she handles with prudence and balance.

Hanan Mudawa “Sara al-Bediya”

And about a woman who loves and is jealous of her homeland, the artist Hanan Mutawa reveals the role of “Safia”, who strives and puts her heart in the palm of her hand, one of the weapons of resistance to the French campaign against Egypt. She also lives a story of love and loyalty to Sultan Hamid, whose character is embodied by artist Ahmad al-Saadani.

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