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7 Specifications and Security Marks for the New Emirati Passport


There is no change in the number of years the passport is valid
Abu Dhabi: Imad Edin Khalil
The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security has confirmed that the new generation UAE passport, which will be released on September 1st, is characterized by 7 unprecedented technical and technical specifications in addition to security features. Invisible to the naked eye, limit counterfeiting or fraud attempts and adapt to the demands of the upcoming platform.
He explained that these specifications are represented in “polycarbonate identification page that supports special printing, holographic logo integrated with advanced features, high-precision security thread for enhanced security, advanced 3D intaglio printing documented with date of birth and a”. Transparent window bearing the state’s logo with unique artistic elements and decorative inscriptions.” Laser-printed personal photo with highly complex multispectral, high-security features.”
The design of the shape of the new passport is the same shape and color as the previous version on the outside, while it is completely different on the inside. Printing data by laser with high speed and exceptional quality 3D with improved images and security marks, invisible to the naked eye, difficult to damage due to the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet, and It is easy to process and read data using readers in airports and seaports.
The authority clarified to the citizens that they can travel with their existing passports as there is no change in the procedures for movement through passports for which the holder has to verify the validity period of the document and not less than that for an adequate period. 6 months in accordance with the requirements of international travel, indicating that citizens may apply for a visa and a new copy upon entry into the renewal right period 6 months prior to the expiry date recorded on the document.
As per the notification for issuance of new generation Emirati passports, the authority confirmed that the validity years of the new passports have not been merged and no changes have been made to the expiry date of the new passports. A passport with an Emirates ID card states that there is no change in the requirements for obtaining a passport. Requests for issuance or renewal of service or prescribed charges shall be submitted through electronic and smart channels along with the same prescribed charges, unchanged. as well as
The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security yesterday announced the issuance of a new generation of Emirati passports as part of the final phase of the new generation passport and identity card program launched in June. 2021 in the framework of achieving the strategic objectives of the Authority and strengthening national goals and complementing them with international competitiveness.
The new generation comes in the framework of achieving the UAE’s vision of unifying the Emirati identity, keeping pace with the latest technologies in the field of passport issuance and providing innovative services to identify personal identity in accordance with the latest international standards. The program aims to improve the flexibility of doing business related to individuals within various government agencies, thereby raising the level of quality of life of citizens and providing a travel experience that enhances the status and leadership of the state.

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