June 7, 2023

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8 Arab Artists Cross One Million With June Songs

8 Arab Artists Cross One Million With June Songs

8 Arab artists crossed the one million mark with their singles released last June, and “Madam” tracked these songs in Saudi, Iraqi, Lebanese and Egyptian dialects.. Let’s get to know them:

Alvin Babe

Presented by the Tunisian actress Omaima Talib His Gulf song “Alvin Pop” in Saudi language topped YouTube videos, gaining more than two and a half million views in just two weeks. It was written by Turki Al-Mushaik, composed by Al-Anin, and distributed by Syros. Strings by Tamer al-Faydi.


Artist surpassed in eight days Saber al-Robay A block of three million views on the song “Salamli” written and composed by Aziz Al-Shafee, mixed and distributed by Jalal Al-Hamdawi.

Pleasant secularism

The Lebanese singer is broke Najwa Karam Two Million Barrier Hits in Five Days with the song “Helwa El Dani” written and composed by Jihad Hadziti, distributed by Robert Al-Assad and mixed and mastered by Fadi Gigi.


Artist sing Rami Sabri Along with the song “Hiya”, it crossed one and a half million views in three weeks of its release and was composed by Nader Abdullah.

Summer Ijt

In ten days the artist passed away Ziad Towers Two million ban watching “Ijd Al-Siyafa” clip with his words and melodies.

Who is responsible?

Muslim mixed and mastered his song “Who Was A Reason” with his lyrics and melody by Noor Abbas and it topped music videos on YouTube.


In just eight days, .’s “Bounce” came closeMuhammad Ramadan Over 14 million views on YouTube.

belongs to me

Pass the Palestinian artist Mohammad Asaf He hit the three million views mark with his song “I deserve” in Iraqi on June 9, from the words of Quzai Isa, composed by Ali Saber, mixed by Othman Abboud and distributed by master Jasem Muhammad.

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