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970 bills and titles approved by "NBK" in 50 years

970 bills and titles approved by “NBK” in 50 years

The Parliamentary Report of the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council states that over the past fifty years, the Council has held 637 full sessions, during which 970 draft approves of federal laws and public issues, and led to 960 questions. Representatives of the Government, the current legal division of the House passed the high-speed federal bill, the federal bill guaranteeing the rights to movable property, which took three days to pass from the government in parliament.

In detail, the report said that over the past five decades, the Council has contributed to the construction, development and comprehensive development that the UAE still enjoys today. The parliamentary work of the late Sheikh Saeed has received unlimited attention and support. Bin Sultan al-Nahyan believed that his soul was at peace and that the Council was coordinating the participation of citizens in the decision-making process and in the implementation of government programs and strategies. State President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan is the host of the process of empowering the parliament in the state.

According to a parliamentary report prepared by the Council’s General Secretariat, the late Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was identified at the opening ceremony to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the union ‘s death. The first ordinary session of the Federal National Council, held on the second day of February 1972, was held on the second day of February 1972. In his first address to the House, he said: Those who believe in themselves, in their homeland, and in their heritage, see you with the help of God, in the hope that you will participate in the attainment of that hope: pride, invincibility, progress and prosperity. ” This text will be a key focus of the Council’s mission and the role it will play in achieving its fundamental contribution to creating a brighter and more prosperous future.The vision of leadership and the aspirations of the people of the Emirates.

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According to the report, over the past fifty years, the Council has held 637 public sessions, of which 628 passed federal bills, discussed 333 common topics, approved 362 parliamentary recommendations, sent 960 questions to government representatives, and issued 1,139 views. Agreements and Conventions Internationally, and signed 47 agreements for understanding and cooperation with the Arab and International Parliaments.

During the tenure of His Highness His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the process of parliamentary work was funded and directed by the translation of the political plan announced by His Highness in 2005 to authorize the Federal National Council. The number of pillars, including the regulation of elections for council members held in 2006, 2011, 2015 and 2019, increased the number of electoral bodies from 7,000 in the first election audit in 2006. 337,738 members in 2019, an increase of up to 50.58%, the 2009 constitutional amendment no. “1”, and the promotion of the participation of women and the electorate, reached 50% of her membership in the Council. Seventeenth Legislature, in implementing the decision of the President of the State with the intention of involving women in the decision-making process.

During the Seventeenth Legislature, the Assembly, especially at the community level, set goals, strategic initiatives and various plans to express its desire to be a pro, guiding and supportive authority for the executive, the report said. , And working closely with the Government to achieve the happiness of the people of the United Arab Emirates and to support the level of services rendered to him in various fields and to contribute to achieving comprehensive sustainable growth indicators in line with the best international standards. Competitive indicators for the benefit of the country and to enhance its position among nations.

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Accepting the first bill

The Federal National Council prepared its first internal regulation with the aim of improving its performance institutionally, which took place on the second session of the Council on March 1, 1972, and a federal mandate was issued in this regard. May 1972 Second, the draft law on the symbol of the United Arab Emirates is the first draft law approved by the Council. At the fourth session, on April 12, 1972, the issue of transcending educational qualifications and occupying public positions with experienced citizens was the first general topic discussed by the Council at the eighth session on June 29, 1972, and the first recommendation issued by the Council was related to the 1972 Union Budget. The council’s first question was to government representatives, members of the Union Defense Forces, and the first request of the Federal National Council to amend the constitution was in the fourth session.

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