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A book reveals new secrets about Harry and Megan leaving the royal family


London- Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, have been directing a number of controversial criticisms of the royal family since leaving the government last year. This significantly worsened the relationship between them and the royal family.
But with new secrets about the reasons why Harry and Megan left the royal family revealed in an updated edition of the book “Finding Freedom”, it looks like these relationships will be much tense later this month. Of the couple.
According to the British newspaper “Express”, the authors of the book, Omid Scoby and Carolyn Durand, have added a new chapter to the book, which was published last year, and the updated edition will be released on August 31.
State expert Daniela Elser warned that the updated edition of the book would be another headache for the royal family and exacerbate the crisis between them and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
“This new edition could provoke more drama about the reasons why Harry and Megan left the royal family and reveal more public secrets about the family,” Elser said.
The first edition of “Finding Freedom” was first published in August 2020, at which time Harry and Megan denied any involvement with the book, and said in a statement that they had “not been interviewed and contributed in any way to this book.” , “Some say, they use it to” settle their accounts with the royal family. “
But when Megan sued the publishers of the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex admitted to informing the book’s authors by authorizing a friend to speak on her behalf.
However, the Duchess said she did so only to make sure the details in it were correct.
One of the most important details mentioned in the book is that after his brother Prince William advised him to spend more time getting to know Meghan before he married, Harry’s sense of humiliation made this advice from his brother “high”.
Harry and Megan announced their retirement from government duties in January 2020, and moved to Canada shortly before leaving for California in early April 2020.
Last March, the couple gave an interview to American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, during which they released fiery statements that provoked tension with the family.
During the interview, Harry said his father and brother were “captives” of the regime. He further added that he was “disappointed by his father” and stopped answering his calls and stopped providing financial assistance to him when he and his wife traveled to the United States.
In the interview, Megan also revealed that the royal family refused to provide her with psychiatric care, and after suicidal ideation, she and Harry revealed a conversation in which an unnamed member of the royal family expressed “concern” about the color of their son Archie’s skin when Megan was pregnant with him.
After this interview, Harry continued to criticize his family in public, and in a second interview with Oprah on a new show about mental health last May titled “You Can’t See Myself”, he and his wife Megan decided on the status of their mental health. At first they decided to stay away from the British royal family.
Prince Harry described his life from 28 to 32 as “a dream period” when his father, Prince Charles, did not provide the support he wanted when he drew attention as a member of the royal family.
About two weeks before this talk, the Duke of Sussex confirmed through the American “Armshire Expert” audio blog that he went to the United States with his wife and their son because of his desire to break the “cycle of suffering”. After the family finds out that his father, Prince Charles, is treating him “the way he was”.
But the Duke of Sussex said he did not blame his father, the latter for “suffering” in his childhood. But he noted that he decided not to make the same mistakes again with his children.
Harry plans to publish a memoir at the end of 2022, in which he describes his “mistakes” and “lessons he learned,” says Penguin Random House.

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