March 25, 2023

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A British doctor has identified a way to fall asleep faster and enhance your dreams



British doctor Karan Raj described a way to sleep better and have more dreams, to achieve this you need to keep your bedroom temperature cool.

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The production of “melatonin” takes place better in the cold, which is considered not only for the quality of sleep, but also as a hormone that slows down the aging process, Raj said in his account on “Tick Tock”.

He pointed out that in order to sleep, a person needs to lower his body temperature, and in a cold room this happens naturally, and a person sleeps faster and sleeps better.

The British doctor points out that dreaming is another benefit of sleeping in a cold environment because the brain does not have to spend time trying to lower body temperature so that it can relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Karan Raj said: “Sleeping in a cold room improves metabolism. Studies show that exposure to cold increases the amount of brown fat produced by stem cells.”

The British doctor concluded that brown fat helps control cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood and improves insulin sensitivity.

Rebecca Robbins, an American physician who specializes in sleep, had previously warned of the dangers of insomnia, as the brain produces toxins during the day, the accumulation of which is associated with loss of cognitive abilities.


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