June 9, 2023

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A brutal Moroccan campaign against Algeria due to friendly team from Western Sahara

Many Moroccan media continue their tough campaign against Algeria, due to its welcome to the Western Sahara national team, which will play a friendly match against the “Al-Ameed” club on May 20 at the “Nelson Mandela” stadium.

The “le 360” website accused Algeria of trying to spoil the joy of enabling the Moroccan national team to the final of the “Cannes” junior tournament by allowing the Western Sahara national team to play a friendly match on its territory.

According to a previous site, Algerian football officials will spoil Morocco’s joy by staging a clash with the “Sahara Beauty” battalion at the “Nelson Mandela” stadium in the capital, two days after Morocco played in the “Alkan” final.

In turn, the “Hesperus” site took advantage of the opportunity for the Algerian striker, and said that the latter would play the “Polisario” card to attack the morale of the Moroccan national team under 17 years.

The website “rue20” joined the campaign to discredit the fact that the Western Sahara national team had been received, and accused Algeria of trying to spoil Morocco and Senegal’s finals, describing the athletes as mercenaries.

According to the “Info Sport News” website, Algeria is carrying out a dangerous provocation against the Moroccan national junior team, which is scheduled to play in the 2023 “Cannes” final against the Senegal national team.

The Maksen media began its “covert” campaign against Algeria, although the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara side will play their friendly match at the same stadium, two days after the Sheba Cubs played in the final against Senegal.

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The Moroccan national team will face its rival Senegal national team on Friday, May 18 at the new “Nelson Mandela” stadium, in a scenario that will decide the champion of “Canes” Algeria for the Juniors 2023.

As for the national team of the Republic of Western Sahara, it will meet its host club “Mouludiya” on Saturday, the 20th of the same month, in a match that falls within the framework of the celebrations celebrating the 50th anniversary. Establishment of the Polisario Front.

In this case, the Sahrawi Ambassador Abdelkader Talib, the organization of these Competition In front of the “Al-Ameed” club, it demonstrates Algeria’s solidarity with the Sahrawi cause. On the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Polisario Front.