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A Canadian celebrates love… a Brazilian celebrates motherhood at the International Film Festival in Marrakech


Screenings at the Marrakesh International Film Festival include acclaimed films signed by female directors; Among them, in the official competition films directed by Karolina Markovic, a Brazilian film entitled “The Outcome”, about the suffering of a Brazilian mother with her only son, who is not more than eighteen years old. The mother strives hard with her feeble faculties to free him from his crisis; To cover her son’s medical expenses and save him, she engages in theft with her friend.
The film depicted the dangerous psychological changes that occur in young people due to family breakdown and the pressures and contradictions of everyday life. Actress Maeve Jenkins, who attended the ceremony, portrayed the suffering and pain of a mother. With family breakdown, grief and social fragility.
Tunisian-born Canadian diaspora director Mounia Shukri also presented in the “Special Offers” category a film about a woman who takes on all the work, starring Magali Lipin Bondo, who takes on the role of a philosophy professor who ends her routine. Life with her husband due to a love story with a young carpenter, of Spanish origin, who came to repair her house; She decides to go with her lover on a journey to find another existence full of pleasure, to give another meaning to life and freedom.
During the course of the film, director Mouniya, a screenwriter himself, unravels the heroine’s feelings and philosophical questions, regardless of the man who is controlled by the power of love. She then chose to leave her lover, especially as other flaws appeared in her relationship with the simple social environment of her lover, the carpenter, which was very different from what she had lived with her husband. A philosophy professor.
During the discussion of the film, the Canadian director said that he was interested in presenting the character and giving him an aesthetic and intellectual dimension, and the personality and identity of the director came out through some clips of Arabic music and Faiza Ahmed’s songs. : I love this music, it has my own… There is also a reference to Jojo, an Algerian who was a friend of his father’s, who saw love as politics; Because it affects the affiliation of certain groups in the society, and perpetuates social inequalities.
Responding to the end of a romantic relationship in the film with Infatuation Despite Separation, the director did the opposite; This can be a good result for love to live longer and a sign that a woman does not need a life partner to find her happiness.

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