May 28, 2023

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A clear win for Microsoft Edge.. the most popular web browser in 2023

A new report that measures the popularity of apps has revealed the most popular web browsers in 2023, with Google Chrome sitting at a wide margin from its closest rivals, while Microsoft Edge has made significant gains, according to statistics by Internet research firm Statcounter. .

Statcounter is a web research center that collects data from millions of websites to know what type of browser their visitors use, and by collecting it, it knows the most popular web browsers and publishes it periodically.

In the latest Statcounter report, it revealed the most popular web browsers in 2023, especially after the first 4 months of the year, Google Chrome on various devices (computers – phones – tablets).

The most important note in this year’s report is that Apple’s Safari browser returned to the second place after losing to Microsoft Edge last year.

Safari is Apple’s web browser, which is pre-installed on every company device from Mac, iPhone or iPad devices, however, it lost second place to Microsoft Edge in the ranking of the most popular web browsers last year.

Safari and Edge

However, new data shows that 11.87% of users returned to Safari and skipped Edge after using Apple’s app, compared to 11% in favor of Microsoft’s browser, so the list is as follows:

1- Google Chrome: 66.13%
2- Apple Safari: 11.87%
3- Microsoft Edge: 11%
4- Opera: 3.09%
5- Internet Explorer: 0.55%

It is worth noting that Microsoft has removed Internet Explorer, but it seems that there are still users on older devices.

It’s also worth noting that major companies are competing to attract the largest number of users in web browsers, led by Google, Microsoft and Apple, and it’s a free service that indirectly helps those companies. Huge profit every year.

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