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A corpse on the beach. Widespread anger sweeps the Libyan city of Zawiya


In the assessment of a Libyan political analyst who spoke to “Sky News Arabia”, these crimes targeting the population “will not stop as long as their uprising continues” against what he described as “collusion with the militias”. Government organizations and armed groups spreading corruption in western Libya.

Sequence of events

  • Unknown persons abducted Ahmad Al-Arabi Al-Qatrawi on Saturday morning from his workplace located in Al-Bawdria Building, a few meters from the government headquarters and the Directorate of Security in the city, and then took him to an unknown location.
  • His family and friends cut off the beach road at the city’s eastern gate; Protesting the abduction, dignitaries and dignitaries intervened and persuaded them to end their protest.
  • On Sunday morning, people found al-Qadhawi’s body lying on the beach of “Jud Dam” village, east of the city, with signs of torture.
  • Local sources said that the deceased’s family and friends have returned to protest after he was murdered and tortured, especially as this is a new case added to the many murders witnessed in the corner recently.

Trying to intimidate people

  • In an obituary from al-Qadhawi’s friends, they confirmed that he was “not involved in the activities of armed groups or militias” and that the motives that motivated his personal goals remain unclear.
  • The young man was studying at the Faculty of Economics at Al-Sawiyya University, said Abdul Fattah Al-Marqi, a professor at the college’s accounting department. .”
  • CCTV footage of the youth’s abduction, where masked men led him out at gunpoint before taking his mobile phone, confirmed that the crime was not for robbery or ransom. Also, without looting the place, they left the place in a hurry and they did not contact his family and ask for an amount, according to local sources.
  • Sources suggested that the crime was “among other killings and abductions aimed at terrorizing people to pacify them after their uprising against the deteriorating security situation in their city at the hands of militants and mercenaries”.
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Collaborate with militants

According to Libyan Political Expression, the outgoing government led by Tripoli-based Abdul-Hamid al-Tabaiba faces accusations of laxity in the security file in the western region in general, and in Zawiya in particular. Researcher Muhammad Kashoot.

“It is impossible to establish a state under a partnership system with militants,” Kashud opined, adding: “The complete collapse of the security situation in Zawiya confirms that the city has no other option but to launch a war of liberation from corrupt groups. The city has passed the stage of absurdity and is completely engulfed in crime.”

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