May 19, 2022

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A "decision" keeps the football club from winning and the Hamdalla issue away

A “decision” keeps the football club from winning and the Hamdalla issue away

Legal adviser Ayman al-Refa, the former chairman of the Regulatory and Ethics Committee, said the Saudi Football Association should issue a decision if it sees the issue as not within its competence and not a vague statement.

Al-Rifai also said in an interview with Sports Bulletin about “Al-Arabia”: Al-Nasser’s report reveals the exact details of a contract dispute between the club and the player and a separate complaint regarding negotiations during the protected period. The records are correct, there will be a breach, and if the negotiations are outside the protected period, there will be no breach.

He pointed out: The issue comes under the purview of the Saudi Football Association, but it should issue a decision stating that it is not subject to its merits and not the report.

Al-Rifai explained: If the case goes to the disciplinary committee, there is a list of evidence that has been taken into account and which has not been taken into account. As for the professional panel and the dispute resolution room, it is not. These details are and records not authorized by an officer or authority are not considered evidence by a competent authority, but if a case is to be proved, general rules must be taken to state that it is considered a presumption. He will have to face other parties to deny the records. Teams will ask for records and if they find a violation, they will send it to the competent authorities. In the event of a denial by the parties and a complaint is received, the parties shall be summoned. Reports were heard.

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Al-Rifai said: If the provocation and negotiation are proved within the protected period, the penalties of the professional panel will apply, which include compensation and suspension for six months, a fine not exceeding 300,000 riyals and two registration periods. The occurrence of negotiations during the protected period, the penalty was the same, but he was not fined by the club for not being a stimulus.

Al-Rifai revealed about the parties mentioned in the victory statement: Hamad al-Balawi is not one of the officers enforcing Rule 23 of the clubs’ basic rules, and any of the persons jointly responsible for the law is aware of the Al-Ittihad Club’s negotiations, he will be punished, but only if he acts individually without the club’s knowledge. .

The former chairmen of the disciplinary committee added about setting the penalty for deducting points: the penalty for deducting points may be imposed if the disciplinary committee’s disciplinary penalty, while there is no dispute resolution room. Penalty for deducting points, if the club proves to be a partner in the case. If the record is correct and there is no incitement, the victim may be rehabilitated and may be punished for crimes against others. The transparency and boldness of the Al-Nasser Club’s statement suggests that there are fines that could affect the parties he claims in his statement.