March 31, 2023

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A defect in the cornea threatens “Abu Ahmed” with permanent blindness.

(Abu Ahmed – Khaleji – 36 years old) About two years ago he suffered from health problems in his right eye, resulting in impaired vision and inability to see clearly, along with a constant feeling of pain and headache, which required him. He was admitted to the emergency department at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain. There he underwent medical tests, which showed a defect in the functioning of the cornea.

Doctors assured him that he would need an iris transplant as soon as possible to avoid permanent blindness.

The cost of cornea transplant at Tawam Hospital is 30,263 dirhams, but the patient’s limited financial capabilities do not allow him to manage this amount.

He appealed to well-wishers to help manage the cost of the surgery to avoid blindness.

“The patient has weakness in both eyes, but his right eye is severely affected,” a medical report issued by Tawam Hospital stressed, stressing that he must undergo a corneal transplant as soon as possible, otherwise he will face permanent blindness. “

The patient (Abu Ahmed) describes that two years ago he felt that he could not see clearly, so when he went to a medical glasses shop and had his vision tested, it was discovered that there was a difference in sizes. Vision between right and left eyes.

She said that the doctor assured her to wear prescription glasses to protect her vision and her vision improved slightly after wearing the glasses, but recently she started getting constant headaches and so she resorted to painkillers. No use.

He said, “Finally I felt that my head would explode due to the intensity of the pain, so my wife rushed to take me to Tawam Hospital where I was admitted to the emergency department. A doctor examined me and asked me to stay the night for further medical tests and analysis so that he could diagnose the cause of the headache.” .

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And the patient added: “I took some medicines and painkillers, then the doctor asked me if I had any health problems, so I told him that my eyesight was low, and then he asked me to do an eye test. He assured me that there was no health problem with my eyesight. He After conducting the tests and analyzes that were asked of me, it became clear that I had no health problems except for a defect in my right eye, which caused me frequent headaches.

The patient said that his doctor had assured him that he would have to undergo a corneal transplant as soon as possible, otherwise he would lose his sight.

He added, “Cornea transplant at the hospital costs 30,263 dirhams, this amount is huge for me and I could not save even a small part of it considering my poor financial situation.”

(Abu Ahmed) noted that “his family consists of three members and he works in a private company with a salary of 5,000 dirhams” and appealed to good people and kind-hearted people to help manage and save the expenses of the operation. From his permanent blindness.

Medical evidence confirms that a person with a diseased or damaged cornea is prone to vision loss and other symptoms. During transplantation, part of the patient’s cornea is replaced with healthy corneal tissue from a donor.

• (Abu Ahmad) There is weakness in both eyes, but the right eye is more affected.