May 24, 2022

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A doctor has revealed a shocking surprise for those recovering from the corona

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More than two years after the world of corona infections began to stagnate, leaving millions of deaths, injuries and health, psychological and economic damage, many health impacts on patients and survivors are still emerging. After a day of unexpected surprises, the infection seems to refuse to go away quietly.

The last of these surprises is an event called “late freezing”. According to al-Arabiya, patients with Kovit-19 may develop blood clots months after recovery.

Russian immunologist Dr. Nikolai Kryuchkov, quoted by Russian media in an interview with the Russian website, said: “A person with a late frostbite will recover after a few months. Or may be accompanied by pulmonary embolism.

The doctor advised her to go on long leave and recover after recovering from corona damage.

And Dr. Vladimir Polybuk, an allergist and immunologist, pointed out that after recovering from the corona virus, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis and prevent the growth of blood clots.

He recommended blood clotting as part of a general medical examination campaign and the use of drugs to help repair blood vessel walls.


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