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A family member of the hostages says he received text messages from Hamas.. What did they contain?


Gil Diekman describes the tense standoff between the families of the hostages kidnapped on October 7 and members of the Israeli parliament, and reveals the content of some of the text messages he received from Hamas regarding his detained cousin, Carmel Gad.

Commenting on the hostage agreement, Diekmann said: “I cannot say for sure not only when it will be ratified, but also when it will actually be implemented and we will be able to see children, babies, mothers, etc. return to their homes. “

Diekman described the meeting with the Israeli parliament as “stressful,” saying, “Some of the parliamentarians we met with were out of touch with what we were trying to convey. They were actually trying to promote the death penalty in Israel, while we were trying to bring home its hostages.”

He continued: “It was an incredible debate led by Itamar Ben Gvir, who is the most extreme right-wing minister in Israel, and they treated us very brutally, they yelled at us, they yelled. You see us yelling, but they yelled at us first. You know.” “In Israel, families of hostages are considered sacred in some way, but here, they decided to target us and treat us as political weapons.”

Diekman also explained the content of some of the messages he received from Hamas: “I got the first message a few weeks ago, and then there was another message 4 to 5 days ago,” before adding: “It said the same way, hello, are you a relative of Carmel Gat? I say ‘yes’. Then she starts a WhatsApp conversation saying, ‘She’s fine, she’s fine, she’s fine, I’m fine, I’. I can assure you, but I want you to know that we are short on some things and she might get hurt,” he said.

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