June 6, 2023

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A famous fashion company saves the Tunisian rap star from loss

A famous fashion company saves the Tunisian rap star from loss

Police removed a line Clothing Born to Tunisian parents in Milan, the name “Gali United Colors of Gali” bears the signature of the Italian singer, commemorating an advertising slogan that contributed to the widespread success of “Benetton” in the eighties of the twentieth century. Integration of cultures.

He also quoted Massimo Reno, general manager of AFP, as saying: Trademark Strong for international display sites and markets.

On the other hand, a singer Rob The 28-year-old, during the presentation of his collection, said, “At one point when the music was stopped by the epidemic, I wanted to create costumes that would represent my generation.”

There are hats in the collection Baseball Embroidered cardigans, oversized T-shirts, nylon bags, as well as multi-colored helmets.

Great losses

I formed a team “Bennett“By 2020, with a net loss of $ 329.4 million due to the impact of the Govt-19 epidemic, it was first hit in 2019 with a negative impact of $ 161.8 million.

Founded in 1965 by four brothers and sisters in northeastern Italy, the group was initially known for its soft, multi-colored sweaters.

Between 1982 and 2000, the success of the United Colors of Benetton expanded worldwide as a result of stunning advertising campaigns by photographer Oliviero Toscani.

But the brand then saw more difficult positions, so 86-year-old Luciano Benetton announced at the end of 2017 that he would return to the position of head of the company to carry it out again.

The company hopes to attract younger customers by collaborating with a vacancy that has millions of followers Social WebsitesHe had previously collaborated with Dar.GucciFor luxury fashion in a series of shorts.

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