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A floating platform for bacteria that removes environmental toxins



A floating platform for bacteria that removes environmental toxins

Harvard University students created a 3D printed “Tina” platform. To remove heavy metals from polluted environment.

Detoxifying bacteria

Within the framework of the Harvard Master’s Program in Design Engineering, Riad Al-Sufi worked with his colleague Connie Wang. To develop a low-tech design that explores the potential of bioremediation, an organic process in which organisms such as bacteria naturally remove and break down toxins in the surrounding environment.

Not forgetting that dredging, pesticide residues and artificial pollution contribute to the pollution of about 40 percent of lakes and rivers worldwide, and climate change is exacerbating this phenomenon.

The fruit of the team’s efforts recently came in the form of TINA, a specialized platform for B. P. putida (a type of bacteria belonging to the genus Pseudomonas), grown in laboratory conditions simulating an estuary, thanks to real water samples taken from Romney Marsh and Revere Beach in Massachusetts.

These bacteria can extract manganese from any environment, separate the metal through a filter, then extract it, recycle it, and use it in lithium-ion batteries.

A floating platform for bacteria and plants

“Tina” takes the form of a floating island, and non-invasive local plants settle on it, some of which not only participate in the biosynthetic process, but also live in a symbiotic state with “B”. “Potida”.

A research paper found that the aforementioned bacteria strengthened the Oryza sativa rice plant by protecting it against common diseases. Live “with”. Putida” inside the stage, it grows on a curtain made of printed triangular period surfaces. The name may seem a little complicated to you, but the main function of these structures is to reduce the surface area of ​​a certain space, which promotes the growth of bacteria and the production of a thin biological membrane.

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“We learned that bacteria prefer to grow in flat, elongated areas, not edges and corners,” says Wang, adding that these structures are essential to promote the growth of B. Potida” she and her team had to test in no time.

Then, the membrane produced by “B” is withdrawn. putida extracts manganese from its environment by absorbing it, after the biofilm has exhausted its niche; The researchers used netting around the printed screen to protect other marine life from consuming bacteria-aggregated algae containing high and harmful concentrations of metals.

The development team explained to TINA that the device came simply; To facilitate a process that already occurs in nature.

Innovative design

For his part, one of the researchers participating in the study said: “For us, it is not a matter of thinking about what we will use in the design we create, but about how to use these natural systems that already exist, and use them in a way that works liberally.

It should be noted that the team members were not scientists, rather they worked with a group of Environmental Laboratory staff at Harvard University to learn the normal scientific methods applicable within the time frame of their experiment. For this reason, Wang said, the “TENA” platform was “tested with a more product and technology-centric mindset, where it’s better to be a little bit right than completely wrong.”

The team wanted to deliver definitive results at the end of their project period, when they only had 12 weeks to measure TINA’s performance. Participating researchers acknowledged that some parts of the process, particularly the part related to the removal of metals from the environment, would undergo further testing, but they emphasized that “Tina” would benefit from being considered a design project, not a scientific experiment.

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Wang concluded: “We do not deny the need for a scientific path; Because it’s more valuable, no doubt, but I think more flexibility adds more value to certain types of design or engineering projects.

Finally, it is true that “TENA” was tested in a laboratory environment that used a specific type of bacteria to withdraw a specific type of metal from a specific environment, but the platform was designed to function even after adjusting for these variables.

* “Fast Company”, “Tribune Media” services.

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Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.



Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.

United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s health condition was confirmed on Saturday by the Minister of Emirati Diwan Affairs, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah. It is stable, thanks to God Almighty,” Kuwait News Agency reported. “Kona.”

The minister added: “We pray to the Almighty God for a speedy recovery to the Emir of the country and to grant him good health and complete well-being.”

The Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs said on Wednesday that the health of the Emir of Kuwait is stable and he is still receiving the necessary treatment.

Earlier, the Amiri Diwan minister said the Kuwaiti emir “entered the hospital to receive treatment and undergo a medical examination following a health condition”.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution warned in a statement on Saturday against “taking decisive action and filing criminal charges against every individual, group, platform, media, radio station or any organization that publishes or addresses anything related to the health of the Emir or the arrangement of the ruling house.”

The Kuwait Public Prosecution added: “We have been monitoring many false reports and shocking lies in the media, and by individuals on visual, audio and print media platforms, about the health of the Emir of the country or the arrangements of the ruling house. According to Kuna.

Rumor mongers have used the word as a weapon to spread poison in the society using flimsy pretexts of freedom of expression, good intentions and fear, forgetting the harmful effects of rumours. According to the Kuwaiti Agency, there is more than a raging plague.

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After trying it…new anti-obesity drug alert



After trying it…new anti-obesity drug alert

However, Pfizer announced its intention to develop a modified version of the drug “Danoglipron”.

This drug belongs to a new class of successful treatments based on a component such as the gastrointestinal hormone glucagon or GLP-1 (GLP-1).GLP-1This leads to a feeling of fullness and weight loss.

“Danoglibron” differs from competing drugs already on the market in that it is not given by injection, but is given orally in the form of tablets.

During the clinical trial, Pfizer tested taking these pills twice a day, but said it wanted to focus on a new once-a-day formulation.

The clinical trial included a few hundred obese participants without type 2 diabetes.

Pfizer explained that the side effects in this trial were similar to those that can occur with this type of drug, but “it is noteworthy that their rates were high” because “cases of nausea reached 73 percent, vomiting reached 47 percent, and diarrhea reached 25 percent.”

More than half of the participants who received this drug discontinued treatment.

However, “Danoglipro” has been shown to lead to weight loss between 8 percent and 13 percent over 32 weeks or between 5 percent and 9.5 percent over 26 weeks.

A report quoted Pfizer senior executive Michael Tolston as confirming that “an improved once-daily formulation of tanoglipron could play an important role in the treatment of obesity.”

The highly lucrative anti-obesity drug market is currently dominated by the Danish “Novo Nordisk” group with its drug “Vecovi” and the American “Eli Lilly” company “Zebound”. America last month.

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5 Foods That Can Help You Stay Positive and Fight Depression, Especially Eggs



5 Foods That Can Help You Stay Positive and Fight Depression, Especially Eggs

By Anas al-Banna

Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 12:00 AM

With winter approaching and the seasons fluctuating, many are depressed, especially by things including rain and lack of sunrise, the website says “Health scenesWe show how diet can improve mental health and which foods can help manage it Depression By improving a person’s mood.

The connection between food and your mood

If you eat healthy, you will be healthy; Otherwise, you will have health problems, and when it comes to mental health, nutrition plays an important role.

Foods that help fight depression

Add these foods to your diet to fight depression:

1. Walnut

Walnuts are one of the most important nuts for brain health because they help improve cognitive health. Their high levels of antioxidants and vitamins improve mental alertness and fight depression..

2. Avocado

Avocados contain healthy fats that help improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Apart from that, avocados also contain tryptophan, which helps increase levels of serotonin, which is associated with the hormone of happiness.

3. Berry

The high levels of antioxidants in berries help protect the brain from stress, anxiety and depression, and have been shown to improve mood and cognition..

4. Broccoli

Broccoli helps keep the memory sharp due to its high amount of choline, and helps reduce depression and support a good mood. .

5. Eggs

Eggs are rich in choline, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters in managing stress and depression..

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