March 25, 2023

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Launches campaign "other than vacation" to help recover from mental health addiction

Launches campaign “other than vacation” to help recover from mental health addiction

For the third year in a row, General Secretariat of Mental Health and Addiction Therapy The “Eid the Other” campaign, funded by the Ministry of Health and Population, runs through 21 hospitals in the municipality and centers in 15 governorates.

The campaign aims to provide better conditions for returnees to spend a variety of occasions and experience them in return, emphasizing their ability to enjoy life in different contexts without drug use and to spend the holidays.

The “Eid is the Other” celebration is held during the New Year, which is usually associated with drug abuse by establishing a variety of entertainment, culture, arts and sports. Activities inside or outside municipal hospitals and centers such as cultural homes and sports clubs.

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The paragraphs of the event – as they have been in the last two years – depend on the participants’ participation in the preparation, preparation and execution of various sports and cultural activities, in addition, presenting the many recovered talents in drawing, poetry, and composition. And music.

Healers talk about their therapeutic journey and the treatment of addiction from illness to recovery, and the level of feeling of happiness and satisfaction, as they manifest their talents in the centers of hospitals and the General Secretariat for Mental Health. Enjoy normal life and without abuse.

Many measures are taken by drug addicts who are hospitalized during rehabilitation and treatment, or by those who have entered the New Year to protect themselves from rebirth, as this is a very difficult and dangerous time for them.

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