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A historic deal for Barcelona changes the scales in the exchange market


Barcelona, ​​Spain celebrated today, Thursday, one of the most decisive meetings in its history to resolve the current economic crisis.

The goal of the Extraordinary General Assembly, chaired by the club’s president, John Laporte, is to try to find solutions to investing money in the current summer transfer period.

This comes as a result of more than 1. 1.35 billion in debt and இழ 600 million in accumulated losses, with urgent funding needed before the next July 31 deadline to set salary limits for Spanish league clubs.

What happened in the General Assembly?

Joan Laporta has sought permission from staunch partners to carry out both operations.

As the club expects to raise 700 million euros to renew its treasury, the referendum will also seek members’ views on resolving the issue of transferring a maximum of 25% of television rights in the coming years.

As a result, members of the General Assembly approved the sale of 49.9% of Barcelona’s “BLM”, with 568 members voting in favor of the resolution, 65 against, with 13 vacant votes.

How did Labourda comment on the vote?

The president of the Catalan Club said during the assembly: “The sale process will result in multiple investments because it will buy 49.9% of the shares and there are many offers.”

He added: “The current valuation of the entire company is 700 million euros. There are investors who underestimate it, but it is 600 to 700 million euros, so here we are talking about a return of 200 to 300 million euros.”

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He continued, “We turned down several offers because at that time the investor wanted more control and we wanted to respect and protect the club’s identity.”

He explained: “The club should be the controller, we believe we can participate in the management, there are two types of investors, the financier who will put the money and eventually get his salary and the partner who wants to participate, and we need a joint plan.”

Will this move affect the summer Mercado?

The deal is expected to pay a lot of money into Barcelona’s treasury and help add new players to the squad.

This news gives strong impetus to coach Xavi Hernandez, his efforts to secure the services of Seville defender Jules Conte and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski.

He could be brought back into the picture to join Leeds United winger Rafinha, after the Catalan club intervened to take advantage of the financial crisis to sign Arsenal and Tottenham.

Not only the story of Mourinho and Matic .. the coaches have repeatedly signed players!

Swamini .. Casmiro’s replacement and Gemwinka’s deputy, abducted by Real Madrid from Paris!

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