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A Homeland’s Story… 179 projects to tackle climate change and protect the ozone layer


Written by Manal Al-Issawi

Saturday, October 07, 2023 06:30 AM

The Story of a Homeland guide covers the development of the environmental sector in Egypt over the past 9 years. The handbook confirmed that the Ministry of Environment has implemented around 179 projects to combat climate change, protect the ozone layer and improve air and water quality. , control of industrial pollution, conservation of nature and sustainable management of reserves. Natural, integrated management of all types of waste represents a 1600% increase in the resources of the Environmental Protection Fund. 2242%.

– Among the achievements of the Ministry of Environment in the field of environment is the official implementation of the conversion of waste to energy and the encouragement of national companies to enter this sector, the manual confirmed that the total investments will be between 340 – 400 million. US dollars, especially in the first phase, with funding ($200 million) aimed at modernizing the air quality monitoring system, starting the implementation of “a plan to improve air quality and combat climate change”, an integrated waste management complex, and supporting electric transport experience in the public sector and its infrastructure, Abu Closure and rehabilitation of the Jabal landfill, and a $9 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Support health care components.

In the areas of reducing air pollution and improving air quality, the Ministry has taken several measures and practices, including the success achieved in agricultural waste management system (rice straw) during severe air pollution and work to promote investment. Rice straw collection and compaction operations with the aim of avoiding agricultural waste burning, black cloud events were eliminated, achieving the economic value of its exploitation and maximizing the percentage of agricultural waste (rice straw) collected and compacted during the black season cloud season reached 99% of the total planted amounts. Egypt avoided 159 tons of air pollution.

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