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A Jordanian puts a “Jameed” cooker on a lava and cooks mansap on an active and complex volcano in Guatemala.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Many people have heard of the famous Jordanian dish Mansaf, which some have already tried, but it is not cooked over lava. Travel Influencer, Kasem Hutto, Jordanian of Palestinian descent (Watch the video above.)

Qasim launched his YouTube channel in 2017, aiming to share the cultures of the world with his followers so that they can be brought closer to each other.

On his way to Guatemala, a Jordanian travel influencer decided to cook mansap on Pasayo’s lava after discovering that pizza was being made and sold there.

Qasim’s mission was to distribute mansap to the local people and find out their opinion about this Jordanian food.

The Jordanian travel blogger chose the Pasaya volcano in Guatemala because it is an active volcano and people can use the volcano while standing nearby and cooking.

Pashaya is a complex, active volcano in Guatemala that first erupted about 23,000 years ago and has erupted at least 23 times since the Spanish conquest of Guatemala.

At an elevation of about 8,373 feet, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Qasim explained in an interview with CNN in Arabic that the route to the volcano was easy because it was about two hours by car from the capital. After that you have to walk for about an hour or ride a horse to reach the lava location.

To begin with, Qasim prepared himself well by bringing Jameeta (frozen and acidified milk product) with him. In addition, he prepared all the meat, rice, and bread needed to cook the Jordanian mansaf, and then carried these items to the top of the volcano on horseback.

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Of course, this experience was not without its challenges, especially finding a place hot enough for cooking, especially since he had no liquid lava on it.

Qasim explained that the stove is half ready. Jameet is available, the meat is half cooked and the rice is ready. All you have to do is put the pot on the lava and wait until the meat is done.

After waiting for about an hour, the food was ready.

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, the Jordanian travel influencer said: “The dish worked just fine, it tasted like any mansaf you eat in Jordan.”

The reaction of the local people to Mansaf was very positive, according to Qasim, “many people considered it a new taste, different from what they had known before, and they preferred this type of cooking.”

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