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A Kuwaiti court is holding the first session of a trial on the son of a ruling family accused of kidnapping a teenager


Release Date:
August 17, 2021 13:28 GMT

Update Date: August 17, 2021 15:25 GMT

Today, Tuesday, the Kuwait Criminal Court held the first hearing sessions for the ruling family’s son, a former government official and two military personnel of the Interior Ministry. They are all accused of kidnapping the Bidun youth and trying to attack him.

The court refused to release all the accused and ordered the arrest of the second military convict released in the case and adjourned the trial until next September 14, local media reported.

Defendants, when confronted with the judge’s charges, denied the charges of “kidnapping, assault, assault, misuse of phone and theft of iPod”.

The case, known in the media as the “kidnapping case,” was filed a week ago after the accused was charged with “kidnapping, beating, and calling for a breach of the law.” “

The recommendation came two weeks after a former officer and army officer were sentenced to 21 days in jail; A second soldier has been released in an attempt to force him to commit an act contrary to public morality in the wake of allegations that he kidnapped a young man at gunpoint.

On July 17, the Interior Ministry arrested all those involved in the abduction case, which dominated the discourse of activists and human rights defenders as they confirmed their detention and recommended a public trial to take legal action.

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According to a ministry statement at the time, “a person submitted a report to the police station, accusing a citizen of abducting, assaulting and inciting himself to commit acts of immorality, with the assistance of two military personnel from the Ministry of the Interior, working in various departments, as a personal activity outside the boundaries.

A well-informed source told the local newspaper al-Qabas in an earlier statement, “The former officer (Instagram) met the young man through the website and plotted to give him a gift and then wanted to kidnap him with a trick, but the young man was scared and refused to come to him.

Adar explained, “The accused officer sent several people associated with him to the young man and took him to the officer’s house, before he escaped and filed a complaint against him.”

The official statement was released by the Interior Ministry, where several activists and human rights defenders broke the news of the kidnapping crime against a young man of the “Bedoon” type, a member of the ruling family, with the help of security men.

Activists said many details about the abduction, “Sheikh, a former government official, lured the young man to a beauty parlor as a gift, then kidnapped him for committing an anti-religious act and disciplined him. “

Activists confirmed that the alleged sheikh for the abduction was Fahad Mubarak al-Sabah, the former assistant secretary of the broadcasting department of the Ministry of Information, and that he had been arrested by security officials.

The allegations and attributed the incident to Sheikh Fahd prompted lawyers Ali al-Aspur and Ali al-Aif to issue a statement in the case because their agents said, “Everything that was spread about Sheikh’s arrest and allegations was told to him as a lie.”

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The report further states that the accused Sheikh was the one who took the initiative to appear before the investigating officers to show the truth about the facts told to him and to respond to the allegations raised on the information sites that affect his reputation. “

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