April 2, 2023

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A Lebanese PhD student solves a popular 45-year-old math problem

Faculty of Science, University of Lebanon

The University of Lebanon announced in 1974 that Ayman Hassan L-Sean, a doctoral student, was able to solve a popular problem in mathematics presented by mathematician Rosenfield.

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Hungarian scholars:

In his statement, University of Lebanon: “Lebanese University student Ayman Hassan al-Seen added a new scientific record to the success of Lebanese youth in the field of mathematics. He was able to solve the famous dilemma posed by mathematician Rosenfield in 1974. He could not solve it.”

The report added: “Under the supervision of Professor Amin al-Sahili, student Ayman al-Jain continued his endeavors and readings for more than a year, the last of which was the French athlete” Howid “‘s attempt to solve it in 2000, based on an essay on the subject. Hafiz said, “Ayman al-Jain began his work to find the first bugs in it, and after six months of searching, the Lebanese student finished. The 78-page article was published in one of the most important international scientific journals to solve the problem completely. “

In its statement, the university continued: “Al-Jean is pursuing a doctoral dissertation on pure mathematics between the Institute of Higher Education in Science and Technology / University of Lebanon and the French University (Chao Mont Blanc Sambari) in 2018. American University of Lebanon. (LAU) won the first place in Lebanon for undergraduate students who excelled in mathematics in the competition.

Source: “University of Lebanon”