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A lifeline.. A counselor explains ethical and self-harm attempts to treat depression


Written by Nahir Abdel Nabi

Friday, September 08, 2023 09:00 PM

As a result of the nervous stress and problems we face in our daily life, studies or work, some people live with severe depression and great sadness, and it can sometimes hurt itself. Here quick intervention is necessary to cure the situation.

In this case, consultant psychiatrist Dr Jamal Parveez said: “Quick intervention is a good measure to save a mentally ill person suffering from severe depression or trying to harm himself, and he will recover quickly.” In all psychiatric hospitals, there is a so-called “protocol for the treatment of a person who attempts to harm himself” because of severe depression.

The treatment takes place in a room reserved for the patient and has certain conditions, including:

The room should be free of any psychological harm from “electricity, wires, sharp instruments, etc.”

Depending on the gender of the patient, a nurse should be present if the patient is a male or a nurse, if the patient is a female, who follows the patient 24 hours a day and does not leave him.

-Electroencephalography sessions are required in some cases, but only after the approval of the Supreme Council for Psychiatry.

Froese continued, “The highest rates of self-harm attempts in the world occur during adolescence, and often nervous, anxious people are exposed to any pressure at school or in relationships. They cannot handle the pressure and their first thought is self-harm.”

He continued his speech by noting that certain illnesses and psychological problems, including “emotional stress, auditory hallucinations and obsessive-compulsive disorder,” may increase a person’s risk of self-harm.

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He concluded his speech, “If there are people around you who suffer from depression, stress, tension or other psychological problems, it is advised to be close to him, help him in treatment and encourage him. Psychiatrist.”

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