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Asma Jalal: I am in no rush for stardom


Cairo: Hosam Abbas

Asma Kalal, a young Egyptian artist, has recently taken a side in cinema and has recently completed shooting for a lead role in the movie “Al Shalabi” which paired her with star Laila Elvi. “Wash Fi Wash” movie with Mohammad Mamduh, Amina Khalil and Bayomi Fouad, and he has a different experience. “A few hours at a time” with Mai Omar, Hana Al-Zahed and Ahmad Al-Sadaani, directed by Uthman Abu Laban, she started filming a new movie with Yasmin Rice called “The Journey of Searching for a Kalyan Dress” and Asma last Ramadan in the drama Played an important role. “The Seventh Harsha” series, for which he won more than one award and honor, and in this interview with him, we track his recent cinematic ventures, his offerings for television drama and his future artistic plans.

* What is the secret of your recent film activity?

– Recently I have been lucky with more than one famous cinema project, and coincidence may be a strong factor here, because I have been associated with cinema art works for some time, but they were postponed and interrupted and combined with new projects. At the same time, but I am happy anyway, and I have more than the first film “A few “One Day One Day” with director Uthman Abu Laban, and I participate in it with My Omar, Hisham Majeed, Ahmad Al-Sadaani. Hana Al-Zahed, Aisha Bin Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, and many other strong names, and the comedy “Wash Fi Wesh” with Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Bayumi Fouad and Anoushka. I recently finished filming “Al Shalabi” with director Khaled Al-Halafawi, and with Laila Elvi, Lebleba, Sawsan Badr, Hedi Karam and Khaled Sarhan.

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* About your roles and characters in these cinematic experiences?

– I don’t want to talk about the details of my characters before the audience sees them, but I really achieve an important cinematic transition in these films, and I like difficult, complex roles that are distinguished by their diversity and diversity. and content.In “Cilha Horaganal” I am playing an emotional “shy” girl.In “Wash Fi Wash” I am playing a light-blooded girl named “Salma”.Regarding the film. “Al Shalabi,” I am presenting a surprising and mixed character “Layla” which I have never played before and I am happy that this film brought me together with the beautiful star Laila LV and I enjoyed the collaboration. She worked with her a lot and I benefited from working with the director Aitan Amin.

* Do you expect these films to make a difference in cinema in particular?

I believe, because in these films there is a growth in the influence and scope of my roles. After playing a small role in the movie “122” with Tarek Lotfi, directed by Yasser Al-Yasiri, I participated in the film. “The Black Box” directed by Mahmoud Kamel with Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farrag, Mustafa Khater and “Al Harith”, the impulsive character of “Sherry” while portraying the heroine’s friend “Sarah” who supports her during this time, I will achieve a change in cinema with these new works. I hope so, because my dreams are great, especially in cinema.

* What limits do you set for the roles you accept?

– I’m not in a rush for stardom, my focus is always on finding something different that tests my mettle as an actress and roles that add to my credits and benefit me both artistically and publicly. Therefore, I do not accept everything that my work on television offers me, and as there are limitations to the form and acting of my characters, I do not accept what I offer, provocative scenes or expressions and are beyond the bounds of society’s values ​​and conventions, unless used appropriately in artistic work.

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“Seventh Harsha”

* Did you enjoy your visit during the “Seventh Harsha” series last Ramadan?

Praise be to God, the series was a strong hit and its crew was honored by more than one party. I am very happy to face a strong woman named “Salma” who refuses to surrender and is defeated. Relationship with her husband.

* How did you get the honor of acting in the series?

– I am definitely very happy because this is the translation of my participation in a respectable and influential work in the society.

* What did your participation in the “Muawiya” series with Iyad Nasser and Loujain Ismail achieve for you?

– This series in particular was an exceptional experience and marked a turning point in my journey as my role in it was one of the most difficult roles I have ever played.

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