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A little monster with superpowers! Detailed Analysis of Redmagic 8S Pro Phone Performance –


A few weeks later we reviewed the Redmagic 8S Pro, explored its pros and cons, and tested its performance. AnTuTu platform that needs no introduction?! What we have mentioned about the performance tests is nothing but a simple glimpse of the supernatural powers possessed by the Red Monster, which this article will reveal to everyone!

Redmagic 8S Pro breaks AnTuTu records!

AnTuTu is a very popular smartphone testing site and its results are very reliable, so we decided to test the performance of the phone on it. We conducted a baseline test that evaluated the performance of the phone according to various factors; Processor, graphics chip, RAM and user interface. To take the top spot for performance among Android phones, it scored a total of 1,646,625 points, a difference of over 40,000 points from the ROG 7 Pro Phone.

We also ran an independent graphics chip test with the Vulcan via the AnTuTu 3D platform, and the phone scored ~25fps in the Seasons test and ~35fps in the Coastline test. We wanted to test the phone’s USF 4.0 storage speed, so the read speed was 3,634MB/s, the write speed was 2707MB/s, and the random speed was 626MB/s and 785MB/s respectively, with a test result of 119,989 points.

Redmagic 8S Pro easily passes tough 3DMark tests!

Most people who are interested in computers are familiar with the prestigious 3DMark platform, but they do not know that the platform is also available for smartphones, and the strange thing is that the tests of the platform run through the phone are also available on the computer! We decided to test the performance of the phone through three very demanding tests: the Wildlife Extreme test to evaluate the performance of the graphics chip, where the phone scored 3,906 points, the Solar Bay test for ray tracing, where the phone reached 5,656 points, and the Sling Shot Extreme test, where the phone achieved the highest result. , and the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

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Redmagic 8S Pro phone pulls the performance carpet from all its competitors via Geekbench 6 platform!

Redmi 8S Pro

Another well-known platform in the computer world and the last platform we tested was the Redmagic 8S Pro phone. The phone topped all Android phones for performance in all tests. We tested the processor’s performance and it scored 1,962 points for single-core performance, beating the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and beating the Vivo X90 Pro+, which scored 5,271 points for multi-core performance. We also tested the performance of the graphics chip via the OpenCL interface and it scored 9,854 points, outperforming the Vivo X90 graphics chip. These results were actually expected, but surprisingly… Performance ranking list The latest gaming phones have no rivals!

COD: Mobile can run at 120 fps:

COD: Mobile stood out for its excellent graphics and excellent compatibility with smartphone hardware, which contributed to its spread like wildfire. We wanted to test the Redmagic 8S Pro phone’s performance with the game in two test modes; The first is “Very High” with the highest possible graphic settings and the game is fixed at 60 frames per second, and the second is “Medium” graphics settings and the game is fixed at 120 frames per second, and we advise you to activate the last settings, because they are amazing.

New Status: Mobile runs at 90 frames on Ultra settings:

New State: Mobile, previously known as PUBG: New State, is distinguished by its futuristic identity, powerful graphics and smooth performance. We were able to run the game on Ultra Graphics with anti-aliasing enabled and HD textures disabled, and it ran at a relatively steady 90fps with the occasional slight frame rate drop.

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PUBG: Mobile runs at 90 frames recently:

The game is currently experiencing its worst days after being one of the most popular battle royale games, but it is also one of the most demanding mobile games, so it is important to test the phones performance with it. We tested the game in three modes; UltraHD graphics and ultra frames and worked at a constant rate of 40 frames per second, the second worked with HDR graphic settings and extreme frames and at a rate of 60 frames per second with full stability, the third with soft settings Redmagic 8 Pro phone, although there is no frame setting, the rate of 90 frames per second is relatively Fixed.

There is nothing new about the effect of Genchen:

Redmi 8S Pro

We conclude the performance tests with the most demanding and largest mobile games; Genshin’s impact is characterized by its powerful graphics and unique mechanics. The Redmagic 8S Pro was able to run the game at the highest graphics settings at a solid 60fps most of the time, but it dropped a few frames from time to time, but the performance was definitely outstanding.

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