March 25, 2023

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A man and a woman seized 371 thousand dirhams from the merchant

A man and a woman seized 371 thousand dirhams from the merchant

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced an Arab man and woman for confiscating 371,000 dirhams from an Arab businessman who acted as an intermediary in transferring money from licensed officials. Three months imprisonment.

Further investigation by the public prosecutor’s office in Dubai revealed that the first accused, a car dealer, learned from some of his friends that the victim wanted to transfer an amount to a relative in Saudi Arabia.

During the investigation, the accused admitted that he planned to use the second accused to confiscate the amount, so he went to the victim to get the money, sign the receipt and allow the merchant to take a photo of her passport. Intent to avoid criminal liability.

The victim told the public prosecutor that a friend in his home country told him that there were people in Saudi Arabia who wanted to convert 487,000 riyals into dirhams and that the businessman needed the riyals. To buy a car from Saudi Arabia, he called a relative and asked a broker in the Emirates to get the amount in dirhams equivalent there.

On the specified delivery date, the second accused came to him to receive the amount in Dirhams, while his relative in Saudi Arabia received the amount in Riyals. .

Half an hour after she left, he contacted his cousin to see if things were going well. Shocked to find nothing, the three men who were waiting for him, surprised, tied him up and threatened him. White Arms insists on sending a message that he has received the money. There is a problem with the delivery of the money, but she refuses and says that she has not received anything from him, so he realizes that he is the victim. Fraud

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For his part, the first accused, who denied committing the crime, pointed out that he was a middleman in the process and that he took the money from the woman and gave it to someone in exchange for 5,000 dirhams. The second defendant stated that he came into the country on a visitor visa and the first defendant received him and then asked him to collect the money as his passport was with the police, so she unknowingly got involved in an incident. Crime, as she put it.

The accused denied committing the crime and said that he had no knowledge of the accused being involved in a crime.

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