February 7, 2023

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A man and a woman who tried to follow the famous scene from the movie "Titanic" have drowned!

A man and a woman who tried to follow the famous scene from the movie “Titanic” have drowned!

A man who tried to follow a famous scene in the movie “Titanic” drowns tragically and his girlfriend survives one last time.

Furkan Cevici and his girlfriend Mayen Dinar, both 23 years old, crashed into Turkey’s Ismit Sea as they tried to follow in the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the famous Titanic, 24 News reported.

The couple chose the edge of the ship for the perfect picture, but the tragedy occurred when they both fell into the sea.

Forgan and Main are said to have crossed the edge of a boat and fallen into the water shortly after trying to recreate the movie scene.

While the two lovers were about to follow the famous scene from the Oscar-winning movie, things go awry tragically, and Farkan drowns when the couple falls off a ship.

Fargan fell into the sea, prompting a local fisherman to help the two lovers, while a fisherman grabbed the tip of a fishing rod and rescued him, and he was pulled safely, but her boyfriend unfortunately went down below. Waves and emergency services were called to the scene to search for him.

Maine told police he and his partner thought it would be fun to recreate the Titanic scene. Unfortunately when the balance was lost, the pair crossed the chain to stand on the curb.

The couple’s last moments were recorded on CCTV as they watched the chairs being placed on the sidewalk in preparation for the hunt.

According to the British Mirror, investigations into the crash are still ongoing as Furgan’s body is to be autopsied before his funeral.

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