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A Mentonese mother stranded in Dubai for her family: “I would not return without my children”


At the end of her strength, Hind is tired of trying to find her children. She has been stranded in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for 3 months. (© hand)

« I will not go without my children “. With the determination of a mother wolf she hammers it and refuses to drop her cubs. Without strength, without fatigue, without loneliness and without financial resources, Hind struggles to see the end of the tunnel. But she struggles. She takes her illness patiently and waits for justice to finally return to French territory with her two children. The biggest of which was with his father.


Hind He says he was handled. She admits she “didn’t see the web she fell into”. Her ex-boyfriend first volunteered to take care of their eldest son in order to free the mother. Pregnancy with the couple’s second childHind agrees. “Monsieur went back and forth between Villefranche-sur-Mer and Dubai, For his work, there is nothing strange in this, ”explains Hind’s advice, Master Howde Kadroy-Zgren. The ex-comrade is definitely settling down In Sharjah in December 2019 By having the older child with her without the consent of the mother.

Govt insists, we have to wait till the end of March 2021 so that Hind can finally go to Dubai. She came to heal His youngest 22-month-old son, In the hope that she would undergo an operation in France while on vacation with her father His seniors can also be sent back.

The family court judge seized

One week after her arrival, the mother and her two children had to return to France. But at the last moment, the passport Hidden by ex-boyfriend, His children would have refused to leave the territory. The French embassy issued a pass to the mother. But at the same time, the father of the children began Legal action against his ex-girlfriend. “He said I insulted him and slandered him. It was very serious there,” said Hind. She risked imprisonment and a large fine. Under the influence of legal action, the mother was restrained and moved slowly. French law must be appliedHind annoys French lawyer who seizes Nice family affairs judge, asks if he is the father of children Return their passport.

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“Justice here is slow”

But since then, Hind has been waiting. Today, she has the right to extradite him to France. She does, but not her children. “It’s long. It is very, very long. I have only my youngest child with me. The elder is with his father and I could not even see him. ” Morally, the mother is in a very low position. And his finances are dwindling. “Everything here is expensive. I live in a hotel, and lawyers, translators in Dubai … Everything costs me money. Hind is only coming back because she wants to come back, with some help from her relatives Menton With his children. “The situation is not complicated. Monsieur complained that the child was abducted and tried to assault her husband. This is a family conflict. Madame can return to France completely “, Mee Quiz Quiz, lawyer for former comrade of Nice Madin Hind, explains. An accusation that the mother is defending herself.

“I didn’t understand how I got there when I was French,” Mentonis concludes.

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