March 25, 2023

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A mysterious 7 minute call … Nancy brings Ajram’s husband back to court

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The case of the assassination of Syrian teenager Mohammed al-Moussa by the husband of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, Dr. Fadi al-Hashim, has come to the fore again.

According to a report in the technical journal Navem, the trial sessions are scheduled for the coming weeks, with negotiations between the victim’s family and my clients al-Hashimi.

It is expected that the indictment will be issued in the first instance and a semi-final verdict will be issued on its basis.

The newspaper said the court had reopened the investigation and identified most of its data, while judicial sources said the speculative outcome would be clear, and would put points in the letters about rumors circulating about the relationship between al-Hashimi and the dead. Man.

Meanwhile, calls to confirm that Fadi al-Hashim spoke for about 7 minutes from the phone of his clinic with the dead man appeared at the inquest, which has not yet been explained by either party in the case.

According to the report, Mohammed al-Mousa entered Nancy Ajram’s villa in New Suhaila, north of Beirut, with a mask and weapons. He reached the bedroom of three al-Hashem girls and threatened to kill him and his family if the money and jewelery were not kept safe. Al-Hashimi brought his pistol quickly and shot the assailant, killing him with 18 bullets.

However, the investigation revealed that the crime was a premeditated murder and that there were other crimes behind it, as it was concluded that the Syrian young man al-Hashim had seen some data that could endanger his family and his wife.


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