October 5, 2022

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A new fiery report from the doctors’ syndicate on the death of Wel al-Ibrashi

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The Medical Syndicate has vowed to take legal action against a private newspaper, which has published it in defiance of the medical profession and Egyptian doctors who see it as a violation of the law. And incite treason among the Egyptian people.

We are well aware that in a new report by the union, some people try to confuse things by resolving issues and complaints about medical errors, avoiding responsibility and preventing the union from taking legal action. Against them, he insisted that those efforts would not be affected.

It comes amid the crisis of the death of journalist Vel al-Ibrashi, after his widow raised the possibility that his death was due to a medical error during isolated treatment at home.

The Medical Syndicate reaffirmed its position on issues related to medical malpractice. To conduct investigations.

The syndicate added: It is against the law for certain media outlets to blame and impose premature sentences on medical media, doctors or others, and this is arrogant and a violation of judicial authority.

Medical Syndicate journalist Vel al-Ibrashi noted the controversy surrounding the death, saying that protecting the health of citizens and their lives without discrimination is one of the highest goals and professionals of physicians, and that it treats complaints of medical malpractice as a standard, and that it is important for the physician to be executed or reputed. Or in favor of another in the context of patient classification on the basis of rank. .

It has called on the various media outlets to confirm the reports and allegations sent in medical cases without giving final verdicts from the concerned authorities, as well as in cases related to other industries. Disgusting


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