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A new update to ChromeOS to make it easier to play games on Steam. Here’s how


By Heba Al Saeed

Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 11:00 PM

Google has released the latest software update ChromeOS Its widely acclaimed Chrome OS 119 update will make it easier for Chromebook users to play games on Steam directly from apps.

Previously, users had to have a compatible Chromebook and enable a flag to access Steam games, but now the latest update is set to change.

Chromebook users who haven’t received the update yet can install it manually, which is why users should check their settings to see if they’re getting the latest update or not.

How to Access Steam Games on ChromeOS

After installing the ChromeOS 119 update, users will be able to find a new “Steam” icon in their apps, and clicking the icon will open the installation of the full version of the app. Providing a quick shortcut to the Steam installer and not the entire app might be a good move for Google because not all Chromebook users are interested in playing Steam games on their laptops.

Other features coming to ChromeOS

Apart from giving users easier access to play Steam games on Chromebook, the ChromeOS 119 update adds some improvements to the Privacy Center. These new changes allow users to turn the camera and microphone on and off directly from the hub.

Also, Chromebook Plus users will also get the option to enable this feature Google Drive The Chromebook can also run the new File Sync feature even when it’s not connected to the Internet.

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What is Chromebook Plus?

Last month, Google introduced a new category of Chromebooks called Chromebook Plus, and according to the tech giant, all ChromeOS laptops in this group will meet a set of hardware specifications set by the company.

These requirements include 12th generation Intel Core i3 (or higher) or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series (or higher) processors, at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and an IPS display with Full HD resolution (or better) and Internet. . 1080p camera (or higher) Transient noise reduction.

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