March 29, 2023

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A panel of international experts was drawing up his reports from outside Yemen

Issa al-Arabi, the leader of the Arab Union for Human Rights, confirmed during a vote in the Assembly that it was a natural decision for the Human Rights Council to abandon the mandate of the International and Regional Expert Group on Yemen. Known for its lack of commitment to international and UN standards related to truth and commissions of inquiry.

At a session of the Council, the majority member states of the Human Rights Council (21 countries) rejected the draft resolution submitted by European countries against 18 countries.

The head of the Arab Union for Human Rights, Issa al-Arabi al-Bayan, said in a statement that the group, led by Kamal al-Zandubi, had not adhered to international and UN standards related to truth and commissions of inquiry for years. In the style of its reports from them and the data it has handled, the group has been doing its job outside Yemen for two years as it refuses to deal with it after releasing an initial report distorted by a number of misconceptions. , Slander and target, and based on false foundations and criteria.

Al-Arabi added: “In the face of prejudice and deviation from internationally recognized principles in investigative committees and facts, the Yemeni government and coalition have decided not to cooperate with this group, which is doing its job outside of Yemen. Relied on, therefore, the report contained a number of slanders and accusations against the Coalition, thus dropping this decision, which marks the new and commendable course of the Human Rights Council to maintain the Council’s high standards and values ​​first. “

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Al-Arabi pointed out that a resolution had now been adopted, and that the Arab decision, which came after the fall of the European decision, called on the Yemeni government to begin its work in a genuine and effective manner and to submit reports to achieve justice in Yemen in accordance with international human rights standards and its specific guidelines adopted at the United Nations from time to time. Must be submitted based on dates. In the Human Rights Council, the reason the Human Rights Council sought the International Committee was because the National Committee was inactive and did not submit reports or conduct investigations, they failed and they went to the European conclusion, and if the Committee does not do its part now, we may return to the same position.